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Corner Sofas

How To Assemble A Corner Sofa

Tor 3X2 Corner Sofa

Your interest in indulgent loafing has peaked and finally you are ready to take delivery of your brand new corner sofa. Of course this is …

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Interior Design

The 4 Key Trends Of 2018

rose gold lighting

As we head into Autumn 2018, we’ve seen a few different trends come to the forefront of interior design, with some coming through from late …

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Design your own sofa

Build your own bespoke sofa design, ready to be shipped to your door.


Interior Design

Modern and Contemporary Design Tips

grey walls

So you have a super-trendy modern apartment or town house and you’re wondering how to style it. You’re not alone! More and more Brits are …

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Home Life

What Can I Clean My Sofa With?

what can i clean my sofa with

The living room tends to be the centre of family life and the sofa is consequently a place where we all spend a lot of …

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Home Life

5 Fun Sofa Facts To Impress Your Friends and Family

watching tv

If you’re looking for some fun sofa facts then try these. As sofa enthusiasts, we might be a little more impressed than others, but we …

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Interior Design

Size Definitely Matters With Interior Design

pendant lights

The successful interior design of a living room can stand or fall on four key features, all of which need to be scaled correctly to …

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Bring the Nordic lifestyle into your home

With all things Nordic in the cultural spotlight, this is the time to take interior décor inspiration from Scandinavia. This style might have originated in Scandinavia, but it works the world over.

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