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Welcome to the Nabru Help Centre

General questions

How do I contact Nabru?

If you need to contact Nabru about any of our sofas you can reach us on 0800 042 0266, or alternatively you can email us at Or if you prefer the pen and paper approach, please write to Nabru, Unit 46A, Albion Mills, Albion Road, Greengates, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD10 9TQ.

Will my new Nabru sofa fit into my home, as we have a loft/spiral staircase etc?

Our sofas always fit! We've delivered to just about every conceivable location or situation, that includes spiral staircases, lofts, boats, cellars, terraced houses etc. We are proud to say that we have never had a product not fit into the location where the customer wanted to put it.

Are your sofas strong?

Our sofas are very strong. They've been designed using engineering techniques to be very strong and we believe they are stronger than traditional sofas. We've also never had a customer advise us of any problems with one of our sofas, you can check out the feedback we've received by reading our testimonials.

How difficult is it to assemble one of your sofas?

It's really very easy to assemble one of our sofas, sofa beds or corner sofas!
The products are supplied with detailed graphical pictures and drawings that provide step by step instructions on how to assemble our products. We've found that it takes up to 1 hour to assemble a sofa, though some customers have told us they managed to assemble a sofa in 30 minutes. Corner Sofas typically take 1 to 2 hours to assemble - maybe quicker if you're practically minded. It's also worth pointing out that we've received very good feedback from our customers regarding assembly of our product. And if you're the sort of person that shudders at the thought of assembly there's always our assembly service to consider.

How can I pay for my purchase?

We take payment online in a secure environment by debit or credit card. We currently accept Visa, Maestro, Mastercard and Solo. We can also take payment for our sofas from your debit or credit card over the telephone.

We also accept cheques. When paying by cheque you are required to make an order over the phone. We will then send you an Order Acknowledgement form. Once you receive the Order Acknowledgement form you are required to send us a cheque for the goods. We will begin to process your order on receipt of the cheque.

How do I know when my order has been received?

When your order has been received we will send you an Order Acknowledgement email. Please note that the Order Acknowledgement email is not a contract confirmation or order acceptance from Nabru.

Can you make sofas with a depth of less than 97cm?

The short answer is no. All of our components and products have a standard depth of 97cm.

I already have a Nabru sofa and I want to make it into a corner sofa, is this possible?

Good news! The answer is yes. Our website has an extensive spare parts section which means that it is possible to order individual spare parts if you have an accident with a component or cover or a full set of spare parts (or replacement covers if you want to freshen up your sofa) that enables you to convert a small sofa into a much bigger sofa. Great news if you are on a limited budget and want to scale up over time.

We have showrooms in Uxbridge, West London and Bradford, West Yorkshire

We have showrooms in Uxbridge, West London and Bradford, West Yorkshire where you can come and view our products.We also believe that you should take comfort from the fact that we offer free returns, we do so because we are really confident that you are going to love our product and don't need to get stressed about the fact that you have ordered it over the internet and haven't had a chance to sit on it first.

How do I return unwanted items?

You may return unwanted items within 2 weeks of collection or delivery. We will then be happy to make an exchange or refund providing they are returned in perfect condition. For more information see our returns policy.

Do Your Fabrics and Fillings Meet Fire Retardant Standards?

Yes, all of our fabric and foam are fire retardant and meet the standards of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

Delivery & Assembly Questions

How Does Next Day Delivery work?

If you order a sofa before noon on a normal working day Monday through Thursday we can have the sofa with you the next working day. This service is available for all of our products whether they are design your own or off the peg and for all of our 70 plus different fabric options.

Occasionally, during times of peak demand which are normally experienced around bank holidays and during the run up to Christmas we are unable to offer our next day delivery service and delivery may take an extra day.

How much does delivery cost?

The delivery costs are outlined in the table below:

Next Day delivery£20
Delivery within approx. one week of order£10
Delivery approx. greater than one week of order£0
Saturday Delivery£40
Delivery and Assembly£50 to £70

If your delivery address is in the Scottish Highlands or an offshore island a small surcharge will apply, the applicable amount will be automatically added to your order when you checkout (all deliveries to Ireland are subject to a flat rate fee of £20). To determine the amount of surcharge that may apply simply enter your postcode into our easy delivery calculator and click 'calculate'.

When will I receive my delivery?

Our site incorporates a live calendar that lets you book the day that you will receive the delivery at the same time as you checkout. The day that you book is the day that you will receive your sofa.

Where do you deliver?

We can deliver to all UK locations including the highlands and Islands, though deliveries to these locations typically take a day or two longer. Locations we have delivered to in the past include The Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Orkney and The Scilly Isles. For the specific example of deliveries to Jersey and Guernsey, the VAT element of a sale to these postcodes is used to subsidise the cost of delivery to these postcodes which is substantially higher that the cost of deliveries on the main land. Thus, the actual amount you will be charged for delivery to these post codes is dependent on the value of the goods you are purchasing and will be calculated for you as part of the check out process. So typically, if you are buying goods with a value in excess of £600 or so delivery will be free.

Can you deliver to overseas locations?

We can deliver directly to a large number of European destinations (we have delivered to a number of holiday homes in France in the past), however the delivery will take between 3 and 5 days and cost in the region of £150 to £180. We would appreciate you calling us to discuss any requirement you have here.

How will the goods be delivered?

All of our products are delivered flat pack. We aim to use a minimum of packaging and where possible use the cushions that form part of the finished sofa to aid packaging during transit. Inevitably there will be a small amount of packaging which will need to be disposed of following delivery which normally comprises plastic strapping, a small amount of cardboard and shrink wrap.

With next day delivery, timed deliveries and free delivery the goods will be delivered to your door or the communal door for flats. The exact process and timescale for delivery will depend on what you've ordered, how many goods you've ordered and your postcode. We will provide you with more detailed information as it relates to your particular order with our delivery confirmation email that we send out in advance of dispatch of your goods. Delivery to the door is rarely an issue even if you live in a block of flats as the parts are all small and easily manageable by one person.

If you have opted for our assembly service the goods will be carried into the room of your choice where our assembler will assemble the sofa for you.

Can you confirm time of delivery?

We offer morning or afternoon slots and on request can have the driver call you one hour before the delivery takes place. For deliveries that include assembly our driver will always call 1 hour in advance of delivering the goods.

What happens if an item is out of stock?

The vast majority of our products (even the design your own ones) are always in stock, occasionally we may have an issue with a certain fabric being out of stock and so are unable to offer fast delivery on that fabric, where this is the case you will be unable to book a delivery of a sofa in the fabric that is out of stock until after we expect it to be back in stock.

Will you assemble the sofa at the same time as delivery?

The vast majority of our products (even the design your own ones) are always in stock, occasionally we may have an issue with a certain fabric being out of stock and so are unable to offer fast delivery on that fabric, where this is the case you will be unable to book a delivery of a sofa in the fabric that is out of stock until after we expect it to be back in stock.

Will you take away my old sofa?

We can't take away your old sofa at the same time that we deliver your new sofa, in our experience your local authority may be able to assist you with this request and we recommend that you contact them.

Sometimes unexpected situations arise, therefore we recommend that you do not dispose of your old sofa until your new one has arrived and has been checked for damage.

Fabric questions

What fabric should I select for a bright and airy room?

When you are placing a sofa in a very bright room that is subject to a lot of direct sunlight any fabric will suffer from a degree of fading due to the bleaching effects of sunlight. This will be most noticeable on dark fabrics, for this reason we always recommend that you choose a lighter fabric for bright and airy rooms, the effects of any fading will be least noticeable for light fabrics.

How can I maintain my fabric?

A little maintenance can go a long way to preserve the life of fabric, take care with spills and stains and address them immediately rather than allowing them to become ingrained. An occasional session with the vacuum cleaner will also help the fabric by removing any loose dirt and dust. Where possible keep your sofa away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Will the fabric samples shown on the screen be the same as the actual fabric I receive?

We've tried our best to ensure that the colours and patterns that you see on this site are as close as possible to the colours in the real product, however, there will inevitably always be a difference between the real thing and what it looks like on a computer screen. That's why it is always worth investing the time in obtaining some fabric samples before you make the decision to buy.

If I buy a sofa now and another one in the future, both in the same colour, will the fabric match for both sofas?

We try our best to maintain continuity in our supplies of fabric, however, inevitably fabric will differ between batches and occasionally we have to source fabric from different suppliers due to unavailability of long lead times. Thus we would always recommend that if it is important to you that the two sofas are an exact match, then you should buy them both at the same time.

Will the fabric I receive on my sofa be exactly the same as the colour of the sample that you've sent me?

We try our very best to ensure that the samples that we send to customers will be exactly the same as the colour of the finished product that you receive. However, inevitably there will be slight variations between different fabric dye batches which will occasionally result in variations between the finished product and samples that we have provided. Such variations are beyond our control.

What colour fabric should I choose?

Obviously how you are going to use the sofa is important for choosing what fabric and colour combination are right for you and most of what we have to say here comes down to common sense. For example if you have a young family that includes two tearaway boys that are likely to drop ice cream all over the sofa whilst jumping up and down on it with their football boots on then a dark (say chocolate) fabric that stands up to lots of wear and tear is the one for you, if on the other hand you have an airy loft room where the sofa will only be used occasionally and style and statement are more important then cream suede or a bold statement like red suede could be the thing. Finally, it is very difficult for us to comment on personal taste, ultimately, it's you that will be enjoying the use of the sofa so you should choose a fabric that you like!

What fabrics are the most hard wearing?

We get asked this question a lot. In general all of our fabrics are hard wearing with perhaps the exception of the Opus fabric which is very luxurious but does need a little more care. Thus the best answer we can give to this question is to choose a fabric and colour that you like and will fit well with your own colour scheme but bearing in mind some of the points raised in the answers to the questions above. E.g. choose a light fabric for a room that gets a lot of sunlight or a dark fabric if it's going to be exposed to a lot of grubby hands…

Will you make a sofa for me in a fabric that I supply?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is no. We are used to working with our own range of fabrics and in our experience working with a new fabric inevitably cases a number of unforeseen problems and difficulties.

What fabric is most suitable for Pets?

A lot of people who come into our showroom ask us for advice on which sofa fabrics would be considered pet friendly. We understand that pet owners have a number of special needs for their sofas; you need to contend with hair, sharp claws, scratching, dirt and other unmentionable things. Relax. Nabru products offer the features that you are looking for.

In general there is no one specific fabric that we'd recommend as all of our fabrics are tough and durable, we also provide scotchgard so you can protect them from unexpected stains and spills. Our microfibre or faux suede fabrics also have great antistaining characteristics.

We have received feedback from customers that they have found it helpful to trial our fabric swatches with their pets by seeing what happens when they "paw" the fabric and how much fur clings to the fabric, maybe a fun idea for you and your pet!

Another big bonus is that all of our sofas come with removable covers, even the arm covers can be removed, so there's no problem taking one or more covers off for cleaning when necessary.

How do I care for my Faux Leather product?

Please follow these simple tips to increase the longevity of your Faux Leather product and ensure that it looks its best. Firstly, when you are cleaning your Faux Leather product never use oil or alcohol based cleaning products, instead clean your Faux Leather product with a damp (non-abrasive) cloth and dry it immediately afterwards with a lint free cloth. Prevent your Faux Leather fabric from being exposed to too much heat by being situated close to a radiator, heat source or strong sunlight, this may dry out the surface of the material and result in cracking.

How do I prevent my sofa fabric from fading when exposed to sunlight?

All fabrics will fade when exposed to direct sunlight so the general advice that we give, should this be a concern, is that lighter fabrics are chosen for rooms or areas of a room where the product is likely to be exposed to more sunlight. Please also note that natural fabrics are more susceptible to fading when exposed to direct sunlight and so this issue is particularly prevalent for our Hudson range of fabrics whose composition is 80% cotton, our advice for our Hudson range of fabrics is to choose one of the lighter colours in the range if the fabric is going into a sunny room, if a darker colour is required you may want to change your fabric choice to the appropriate colour in one of our synthetic fabrics which will be less susceptible to fading or accept that fading of the fabric is likely to occur.
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