Any Design in Any Fabric Before Xmas!

Sustainability and Our Impact
Looking after the environment and our impact
icon up cycling
Our returned products
are upcycled to perfect
condition and re-used.
icon forests
All of the wood that we use
for our sofas comes from
well managed forests.
icon uk made
Made in the UK
All of our products
are made in the UK.
icon carbon
Carbon Footprint
As all of our products
flat pack they use less
resources to transport.
icon vegan friendly
Vegan Friendly
Our sofas do not use
any animal products.
icon spare parts
Spare Parts
We offer a full range of spare
parts including all the covers and
frame part so it's easy to repair
or upgrade your whole sofa.
icon recycled materials
Recycled Materials
We use recycled and waste
materials in the cushion
fillings and timber that is
used in our products.
img up cycling
All of our products are component based right down to the individual covers that fit on the back or the
front of the frame of the sofa and the individual components that make up the wood for the frames.
This means that it's easy for us to strip down a frame and re-use all the parts. Obviously soiled or
used covers can't be upcycled for hygiene reasons but these form a very small proportion of any order.
We purchase our timber from well established UK timber merchants that ensure that there products
either meet the standards of the FSC or are from well managed and ecologically sustainable sources.
The vast majority of the timber that we use in the construction of our sofas is from FSC (Forest
Stewardship Council) certified sources. The FSC is an international, non-governmental organisation
dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world's forests. FSC certification confirms that a
forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people
and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability. FSC-certified forests are managed to strict
environmental, social and economic standards.
img forests
img up cycling
Made in The UK
We make all of our products in the UK, the backbone of our company is our skilled British workforce, we
are hugely proud of our staff and all that they achieve and that includes making a sofa on the day that
you order it and getting it to you the next working day! That's just one of the advantages of our UK
manufacturing, the other advantages for our customers include you can be sure that you are getting a
quality British made product, you know that the product hasn't travelled halfway around the world to get
to you and it's quick and easy for us to make changes or alterations to your product.
Carbon Footprint
All of our products flat pack, which means that they require less resources during the manufacturing
process and to transport. During manufacturing we make our products as batches of components which
is much more efficient in terms of both space and resources such as light, heat and power. When we
transport our products we do so in kit form which is much more efficient in terms of space and the
resources that are being used to get the products to the end user.
img carbon footprint
img vegan friendly
Vegan Friendly
Our products do not contain any animal products, so they are all vegan friendly!
Spare Parts
We offer a full range of spare parts for our products, these include all the cushions, all of the wooden
parts and all the fabric covers right down to the individual parts that make up the frame and the covers
that fit over the frame. So if you have any accidental damage to your sofa it's easy for us to provide
replacement parts, it's also really straightforward for you to upgrade your sofa by ordering a new set of
covers to give your sofa a completely new look - adding a new set of covers really will make your sofa
appear as good as new and this is a really popular option with our customers. There's also the option to
reconfigure your sofa, you can upgrade your sofa to include a bed, turn your sofa into a corner sofa or
downsize it to a smaller sofa, whatever takes your fancy we're happy to help you make it happen!
img spare parts
img recycled materials
Recycled Materials
We use recycled wood material in the timber that we use to manufacture our products and through the
use of innovative manufacturing techniques we use the waste from old plastic bottles to manufacture the
seat cushions in our sofas, comfy bottom, comfy planet!