We could have just chopped up an existing sofa so that it would fit but, lightbulb moment, we thought that there must be a better solution to the problem so we came up with a modular sofa system that could be assembled in minutes without the need for tools and delivered to our customers the next working day.

And… we didn’t want to stop there, we made sure that it was strong, super comfy, available in a multitude of different shapes and sizes and a kaleidoscope of different fabric colours and textures.

Crikey! How time flies, the lightbulb moment was over 15 years ago and to date we have sold hundreds of thousands of sofas to hundreds of thousands of happy customers which at the end of the day is what we are all about - happy customers!

Sofas Tailor
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Watch sofa assembly and how flexible
our modular sofa system is.

Our sofas are designed to be straightforward and easy to assemble in minutes without the need for tools. You have a huge array of choices when it comes to designing the sofa that’s right for you including sofa beds, seat sizes, fabric selection, sofa shape and sofa style.

You can easily upscale your sofa in the future by adding additional seating units or a sofa bed and downsizing is just as easy, all of our products are supported by a full range of spare parts.

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Our Customers

Our customers and followers are hugely important to us, it’s why we are here and you are the people that have helped us grow through your amazing feedback!

Through you we have perfected the art of creating super comfy sofas that are designed to fit your home perfectly in terms of size and style.


The environmental impact of our products is important to us, the world is a beautiful place and we want it to remain that way.

To that end we’ve thought carefully about how we manufacture our products, they are all vegan friendly and use recycled materials throughout their construction, additionally we use the waste that we produce to heat our factory.

Our products are also supported with a full range of spare parts so it’s easy to repair or upgrade them in the future.

“Now my apartment feels like a home.”
- Tom C.

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Your Home

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