Design Your Own Bespoke Sofa or Corner Sofa

Design Your Own tailor made sofa for next day delivery!

Costs same or less than our off the peg sofas!

Your design will use the same components as our off the peg sofas, but you will decide the exact combination of the components, just choose the type of sofa that you want to design and get building!

At nabru we have created our design your own sofa tool that allows you to create your own custom made sofa in terms of both size and your own personal style using our modular sofa components.

There are many ways in which you can customise and style your sofa with our build your sofa tool, these include: size, you can use different combinations of our various sizes of arm and seat units to design a sofa which is perfectly tailored to your rooms dimensions; fabric, we have a choice of 80 different fabric choices that you can make; feet, you can choose between wooden and steel feet; piping, you can add piping detail; storage, can be added, this is always a popular feature for the space restricted; sofa bed, this can be added so that you have extra space when you have friends or family over to stay.

Many people are concerned that creating a tailor made sofa like this will be expensive or will result in an additional delay to the delivery of their sofa, you needn't be concerned. At nabru sofas which are tailor made using our design your own sofa tool are available for next day delivery in any one of our 80 fabrics and do not cost any more than the price of our standard off the peg sofas. So go on create your very own custom made sofa which fits your room perfectly both in terms of taste and style!