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Super Comfy Sofas in Diverse Colors
Comfort Guarantee
We guarantee that you'll find the product you purchase comfortable, if you don't we'll happily change your seating options or if the worst comes to the worst offer you a refund.
Always fits your home
Our product always fits! We've supplied our products to just about every conceivable difficult to access location including lofts, cellars, boats and spiral staircases - in the highly unlikely event our products won't fit (this has never happened) we will give you a refund in full!
Assembly in minutes
Nabru self assembly sofas are designed to be straightforward to assemble and will fit into your home whatever the access restrictions without the need for tools, bolts or screws!
Storage lots of space
All of our sofas and corner sofas come with easily accessible space underneath the seats for storage, we also sell made to measure shelves that fit under the seats which means that you don’t have to put your precious items on the floor.
Spare covers
You will find it comforting to know that we have a full range of spare parts so you can purchase anything from a single replacement seat cushion or cover right up to a full set of spare covers in any one of our 80+ different fabrics at any time.
Tailor made sofas
We have created our "Design Your Sofa" tool that allows you to create your own custom made sofa in terms of both size and your own personal style using our modular sofa components.

Modular Sofas

Guaranteed to Fit Your Home

Sofas Tailor
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Watch sofa assembly and how flexible
our modular sofa system is.

Our sofas are designed to be straightforward and easy to assemble in minutes without the need for tools. You have a huge array of choices when it comes to designing the sofa that’s right for you including sofa beds, seat sizes, fabric selection, sofa shape and sofa style.

You can easily upscale your sofa in the future by adding additional seating units or a sofa bed and downsizing is just as easy, all of our products are supported by a full range of spare parts.

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