Choosing The Perfect Armchair for your Room

An armchair is your opportunity to add colour, texture and personality to your space. If you’re looking to put your feet up on something comfortable and with good back support, we have something perfect for you.


Prioritise comfort

This is definitely one of the most important considerations. The way your furniture feels is just as important as how it looks! An armchair must be comfortable and supportive. A high-backed chair not only supports your lower back but also the rest of your back encouraging good posture.  This style of chair is comfortable and supportive for longer periods of time sitting.  The Sui Chaise Armchair shown in Holland Sail is a armchair that comprises low wide arms and an extension seat that almost resembles a bed!


Keep it simple

Even the most humble design can create quite an impact when placed in the right spot. Our Xan 1 seat sofa is a modern design with clean lines, a mid-height back and an extra large seat. Upholstered in Velvet Marine, it’s perfect for a lounging spot near a big window. Xan injects a sense of warmth and cosiness to a space, making it a great choice for a reading nook. When it comes to choosing the perfect chair, less really can be more.



Make it pop

Colour is known for its mood-boosting qualities and is perfect for brightening up your home. If you’re feeling brave, bring bright and bold colours to the forefront. Our bright coloured velvets can brighten up a room without being too heavy as the fabric reflects light instead of absorbing it. The simple shape of our Alda Armchair is elevated up a notch in a bold Blush Velvet fabric. Not only is this chair uber-cosy, but its streamlined style also means it exudes a contemporary yet luxury look.



We have a great range of chairs, with so many colour and fabric choices to create your perfect look. From chaise to loveseat and armchair to accent – you’ll love sitting, snuggling, sleeping and even listening to music on your Nabru chair!


Ready for Spring, Styled by You!

Spring has arrived! And as the season of regrowth, renewal and rejuvenation, there’s never been a better time to refresh your home. Pale neutrals, soft pastels and plush bright velvets are all the perfect way to make you feel positive and uplifted for the coming months! So sit back , relax and scroll through some of our favourite looks, styled by you!

Modern Scandi Style

Our customer Julia transforms her living room with a new set of sofa covers! Neutral walls and a classic statement piece, like her chrome Curva floor lamp, creates a stylish effortless look. Her original Lisbon Silver sofa which has subtle muted tones of soft grey has now been replaced with a crisp clean Ivory Turin. It sits in the natural light perfectly. We love this minimalist look and believe there is beauty in simplicity!


Coastal Cottage Style

Introduce the colours of Spring into your home by accessorising with subtle shades of blue and beige, giving a nod to blue skies and sandy beaches. We love how the Little Lavender Cottage has complemented their Turin Oatmeal sofa with layered scattered cushions and a tactile throw which creates the most cosy space and calming retreat.


The Colourful Home

Like a burst of sunshine, nothing cheers up a room more than the colour yellow! Look at this bright yellow velvet sofa. Our customer Mia strikes a balance using a cool wall colour shade, beautiful art prints in contrasting colours and neutral accessories. All these different colours play an important role in creating a cohesive look that ties the whole room together.

Image by Mia Felce via Instagram @miafelce

Eclectic Glamour

You don’t have to completely redecorate to use colour as a mood booster. A new sofa or statement chair in your chosen shade will transform a room instantly. For a showstopping splash of luxe and glamour, why not check out our Velvet Blush? Anneka pairs her armchair with sultry dark walls and monochrome themed prints. The Blush pink adds a touch of feminine flair to the room and the plants add energy!


We hope you’re feeling more inspired and have a new vision for your home filled with positivity. Here at Nabru, we can help turn your ideas into a reality. Whether you decide to refresh your existing sofa with new covers,  custom make your own sofa using our online design tool or opt for one of our many modular sofas and armchairs on offer, we have the perfect solution for your lifestyle and needs.

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How To Pick The Perfect Sofa For Your Space

Investing in a good sofa is one of the most important purchases we can make for our home, that’s why it’s so important to get it right the first time. It’s somewhere we spend a lot of time on and its a fixture that is with us for years—which is why it’s important to think about the style, size and of course the comfort of your sofa before making your big purchase. It’s also important to factor in your lifestyle and how it will function for the whole family (including pets of course!).

To help you out with your sofa purchase we have put together a list of important things to consider when choosing a sofa to fit in with both the scheme of your home and your lifestyle.


Before you start shopping around for the perfect sofa, you need to get a proper idea of the space you are working with. First, make sure you measure up your lounge room and work out what the area (m2) of your room is. If you already have a space in your mind, work out roughly what size sofa would be a good fit for that space. Buying a sofa that’s too big for your space will make it look cluttered and small, while choosing a sofa that’s too small can give your space an empty feeling.

Image by Mia Felce via Instagram @miafelce


When matching your sofa in with your colour scheme it’s important to choose a colour that can adapt and change as the fashion in interior styles adapts and changes. If you like mixing up your decor quite often then a more neutral colour might be best, as the colour will more often than not easily blend in with your current style. On the other hand if you want your sofa to be a focal point in your room or want it to stand out, go for a bold colour in a stand out fabric like our plush Velvets. You can then make your decor more neutral to create that balance.



Making your sofa work for you is not just about placing it in the most obvious position in your room, it’s also about choosing a space that’s going to be practical for you and your family. If your lounge area is a place where you will be relaxing and watching the television, it’s important to take into account the best angle for viewing. If the angle and sofa position  limits your view maybe consider playing around with the design of your room and position of your furniture. You may even want to opt for a wall mounted television if space becomes an issue.


Another important decision to make before purchasing your sofa is to choose what material you would like. Nabru offer a range of over 75 colours in over 50 fabric choices.

Our Faux Leather is  perfect if you are looking for that natural leather look, but its much easier to maintain. Just wipe with a damp cloth, the perfect solution if you have a young family. Our Turin fabrics give a natural linen look but it is a polyester chenille which means its durable and easier to maintain.

It’s important to bear in mind how much use your sofa will get so that the suitable fabric is chosen. Nabru offer extra covers so you can replace your existing ones or you can choose a completely different colour and fabric choice if you fancy a refresh!


Are you looking to update your sofa? If so feel free to browse our website or view our Facebook or Instagram pages to get some inspiration!

Thinking About Buying A Velvet Sofa?

Velvet is everywhere – and going nowhere. A velvet sofa will add luxury and glamour to any home. Rather than a passing trend, velvet interiors are timeless and won’t date. We are so convinced that we offer a large range of colours of this fabric in our collection! If you’re feeling cautious about introducing the fabric into your home, here are a few simple tips to hopefully convince you that velvet is a perfect choice.


Styling a Velvet sofa or Armchair

You could add a neutral hued velvet sofa as a secondary seat in a room but if you want to make a real impact, go for a statement colour and make your velvet sofa the focal point of the room. A vibrant blue, green or mustard sofa will instantly catch your eye – just make sure you tone down the rest of your decor and add a couple of complementary accessories. If you’re not keen on the idea of a velvet sofa and want to introduce the fabric in a more subtle way, maybe opt for a  velvet armchair in a cosy corner of your home. Try placing a velvet chair in your bedroom, or perhaps a pair of comfy armchairs snuggled in a bay window with a side table placed in between. Because velvet upholstery gently reflects the light instead of absorbing it, this makes a velvet settee a great pairing against a dark wall or small corner of your room.
Image by Mia Felce via Instagram @miafelce
Maintaining your velvet sofa


Velvet generally just requires a quick vacuum to remove loose dirt and dust and then brushing in the direction the fibres naturally lie, to restore the nap. If you do spill something, remove as much as you can by carefully blotting it with a clean, absorbent cloth. Avoid washing with water as this can damage the texture of the velvet. Instead, it’s always best to use a commercial cleaning product designed specifically for use on velvet and carefully follow the instructions. Alternatively, if the covers on your velvet sofa are removable, you may be able to take them to a specialist upholstery cleaner.
Image by Mia Felce via Instagram @miafelce
So, have we convinced you a velvet sofa is the way to go? With our custom made sofas and armchairs you can choose everything from the model and size right down to the feet. The hardest choice for you will probably be what colour to go for! Make that first move now and order your fabric samples from our website.

A (Very) Useful Guide For How To Design Your Own Sofa

As consumers we are increasingly demanding and there are more and more areas where bespoke design and customisation are coming into play, to make our lives easier and to allow us free reign to perfect and personalise our individual purchases. So welcome to Nabru, where you can design your own sofa and be lounging on it in your living room within 24 hours.

When buying a sofa, comfort, style and practicality are foremost in your thoughts, but every home is different and everybody’s individual needs are different. At Nabru we believe you have the right to invest in a sofa and have it exactly how you want it, so we have designed a package where you don’t need to compromise on colour, fabric, shape or size and you can design a sofa that suits your room space and complements your room design.

design your own sofa

There’s no excuses now, because you are in control, so here’s our very useful guide for ensuring your sofa is the perfect fit in every sense.

  1. Choose a sofa type

Sometimes a room layout means a sofa type suggests itself, or maybe you plan to rearrange the furniture to change your sofa design? Either way, our online tool allows you to start your design process by making the fundamental choice between a standard sofa (with however many seats you wish) a corner sofa or to go the whole hog with a U-shaped sofa.

  1. Choose your components

Now that you have the size and shape of your sofa you can add key components to suit your room and your tastes. We can offer you an option of five different arm styles, so you can swap and change these and see the results online. You can even decide to go ‘armless’ on one or both sides of the sofa, if you want to save a few precious inches next to a wall or maximise your seating space.

You also have 80 different fabrics to choose from and can also decide between steel or wooden feet. All the time, the total price of the sofa is updating, increasing and decreasing in real time, so you can track the difference each choice makes and have a running total as you build your sofa design.

  1. Customise your sofa

The final step is to add the little details that really make your sofa unique, such as choosing the colour from a choice of 75. You can even go for a two-tone design if you wish to. You can also choose the type and colour of your piping detail and you can use the online tool to extend one of the seats to create a chaise sofa for maximum luxury and indulgence. Don’t worry, the price will update accordingly and if that’s one step too far, you can just remove it.

That’s all there is to it, and because you put the sofa together yourself, we can quickly grab all the separate components you have chosen and prepare your package for next day delivery. Designing your sofa with Nabru really is a great way to satisfy all your key objectives; to find a sofa that perfectly suits your home and to make it as cost-effectively as possible. So get your creative head on and design away today.

The Easiest Way To Design Your New Sofa Online

Buying a new sofa is an important decision and a key investment in the home. A sofa is a dominant fixture that can dictate and influence the look and feel of a room, so naturally, you can spend hours searching round shops and online for the perfect sofa that ticks every box. Good luck to you if you manage to do that, but somewhere along the line you will normally need to compromise on one critical element of your criteria.

design your own sofa

With our design your own sofa facility, however, this is no longer a problem, as we have managed to create a way for you to decide on all the important features and put them together in a package that is unique to you.

What do you want in a sofa?

When assessing an investment in a sofa, you are usually looking at size, shape, material, colour, orientation and layout. Everybody’s home is different and space is usually at a premium, so why shouldn’t you have the ability to build a sofa that is ideally suited to your living space? In the 21st century there is an increasing demand for choice, and it is possible to have complete ownership over such an important investment, so we give you a direct influence over design options from beginning to end, and of course, at Nabru, you can even build the sofa yourself.

Our online design system is simple and effective, with a step-by-step process that allows you to visualise options and play around with your ongoing design project. You can choose from a standard sofa, a corner sofa or a u-shaped sofa. Then you can look at the arm arrangement; ie. whether you want low arms, no arms on one end of the sofa or no arms on either end, if you really are looking to make use of every inch of space.

How Nabru’s design your own sofa tool works

You can also choose from 80 different fabrics and colours, whether you want steel or wooden feet and your involvement also goes into fine details such as the type of piping you want. You even have the option of extending a seat to create a ‘chaise’ design for extra lounging, and all the time you can compare the dimensions to your living space and alter the design to suit changes you could make at home. The variations in layout and orientation open up possibilities you maybe hadn’t thought of, and so the freedom of design becomes a liberating experience that could unlock the kind of expression you have always wanted at home.

design your own sofa

Having control is something we demand more and more in our busy lives, and our design your own sofa tool certainly gives you that. When you are spending money and making a choice that you want to live with long term, we think you deserve to have a whole-life involvement in that process, so our custom-built sofa feature offers you that possibility, and instead of spending hours searching for something that ultimately doesn’t deliver on everything you want, you can spend a fraction of the time building something you always dreamed of, and which definitely ticks every box.



Many people view sofas as static objects – unchanging with little variation between the different options, and corner sofas are even harder to come by. At Nabru, our modular designs allow you to create a bespoke corner sofa with a multitude of options and accessories.

Choose your fabric

customise your corner sofa

The first step is to select your ideal fabric. We offer a range of types and colours, from smooth faux leather to soft Turin chenille fabric. You can even request a free sample pack.




Choose your arms

customise your corner sofa

Next select the number and position of the arms that will bookend your sofa. You can select the height, width, and curve of the arm to suit your natural posture. If one side of the sofa will be sitting flush against a wall, you may wish to remove the arm from that end.



Choose the number of seats

customise your corner sofa

Pick from two to up to twelve seats, with a different number possible for each side of the corner sofa. Perfect for reception areas or space-conscious tenants.


Add a storage option

customise your corner sofa

Want even more space? Add storage space underneath or even a fold-out sofa bed.







customise your corner sofa

Like to kick back? Choose a chaise extension for any of the seats so you can stretch out. Or pick a selection of throw cushions to complete the ensemble.





Check out our in-browser app to see what designs you can come up with!

How to customise your corner sofa

At Nabru, we have a range of options for you to fully customise your sofa, and a corner sofa is particularly versatile. However, when it comes to making a choice about your type, size, storage options and accessories, all these options can be intimidating.

So, what are some of the crucial questions you need to ask when looking for a custom sofa?

What fabric should I use? 

With over 75 different types of fabric available, there are a number of options available for you to choose from for your primary or secondary material. You can also complement your sofa with a range of scatter cushions that come in 22in, 24in and 26in sizes and can match the fabric that you have chosen. In order to ensure you make the right choice, you can order up to eight free fabric samples directly from us so that you’re happy with how the fabric looks and feels.

Fabric webinar image

What arms should I choose?

The choice of arm style is one of the most important to consider and we have five different types of arm to choose from:

Low Narrow/Wide Arms: These have become increasingly popular with buyers looking to relax and watch TV. Narrow arms allow you enough width to rest your forearms and the wider option suits buyers looking for an additional bit of space that will let them put down their cup of tea, glass of wine or even rest a laptop.

High Narrow/Wide Arm: These work to increase the height of the sofa arm this is 68cm from the floor (10cm higher than the low arms) this gives a greater sense of privacy or intimacy if you’re looking to unwind with a loved one at the end of the day.

Curved Arms: These work as a popular halfway house between the two other options and follow the shape of your resting arm and work to make the sofa look more accommodating.

Number of seats?

You can also decide on the number of seats you would like to add, allowing you to expand the unit to whatever size you need. You can have between three to six seats stemming out from each corner and combine it with a range of other sofa styles to make full use of the space available to you. We also have four different sizes of width, including small, medium, large and extra large to make sure we can accommodate all our client needs. Click here to use our design your own tool.

Extra storage?

If you’re looking for a little bit of additional storage, our full range of sofas give you the option of adding trays to fully maximise the storage potential available under the seating. These trays are set on raised feet that prevent them from resting on the ground and being viewed from a front or side glance at the sofa.