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Why choose Faux Leather? Faux leather gives your furniture the elegance and style of real leather at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. More importantly, it requires less care and treatment than real leather and is very easy to clean. Real leather is super-absorbent and will easily stain. Faux leather is made… Read more »

Washing Sofa Covers

There’s nothing worse than the first stain on a new sofa. Whether it is red wine, sticky fingerprints, or muddy paws, it is an agonising but inevitable moment. Luckily, we have designed our sofas with this problem in mind and have the following advice for dealing with your first, second, or third spill… How do… Read more »


Removing stains from furniture is one of the jobs that strikes fear into the heart of any homeowner. Because a sofa or a chair tends to be one of the focal points for a living area and something the eye will always be drawn to, it’s important for it to look clean at all times…. Read more »

Guide to Taking Care of Your Sofa

Guide to Taking Care of Your Sofa Whether you prefer using your sofa as a base to curl up with a book, or somewhere to settle down for a Netflix-fest, it’s sure to be a fundamental feature of your lounge – and your life. Regular sofa care and cleaning can seem a chore, but it… Read more »