Create the perfect Scandi Living Room

Scandinavian design is a movement marked by simplicity, minimalism and practicality. Clean lines, natural elements and geometric patterns of Scandinavian style make it the perfect choice for any home. The furniture you choose has a big part to play in creating that vibe, especially your sofa, which can often be the centrepiece of your Scandi living room.

Neutral Colours

One of the first things you notice about Scandi decor is the very limited palette. White predominates, with touches of grey, black, pale blue, or pastels taking up secondary positions. Scandinavian decor is designed to provide a bright space full of light that the people don’t often get from the long, dark winters they have. White walls will create the perfect background for both natural and artificial light. This will reflect off and add spaciousness in your living room.

Layering Neutrals

Think about Scandi living room decor as bringing the best of the outside into the inside. You will then understand the importance of layering neutral tones throughout the room – choose beige, browns, greens and greys to really bring the Scandi style to life. These colours will add a subtle depth to the room whilst keeping it warm and cosy for the whole family to snuggle up together and enjoy.

Wooden Flooring

Wood floors are a Scandi staple and will continue to brighten the space up and bring more of nature inside with the different textures it provides. Compliment your floor with a decorative, neutral coloured rug that will add warmth to the room and create the perfect balance of spaciousness and cosy.

Plants and Flowers

Greenery is also the perfect way to transform your living space into a Scandi haven. Adding some plants or flowers into your living room will help bring nature inside to compliment those open spaces and help create an even cosier space. Choose big potted plants for corners of the room and add smaller ones throughout.

Check out our complete range of colours and fabrics at Nabru today to achieve that minimalistic, multi-purpose furniture style that best suits the Scandi Style! Your living room can be that perfect haven that can offer you solace from the elements all year round!


Ready for Spring, Styled by You!

Spring has arrived! And as the season of regrowth, renewal and rejuvenation, there’s never been a better time to refresh your home. Pale neutrals, soft pastels and plush bright velvets are all the perfect way to make you feel positive and uplifted for the coming months! So sit back , relax and scroll through some of our favourite looks, styled by you!

Modern Scandi Style

Our customer Julia transforms her living room with a new set of sofa covers! Neutral walls and a classic statement piece, like her chrome Curva floor lamp, creates a stylish effortless look. Her original Lisbon Silver sofa which has subtle muted tones of soft grey has now been replaced with a crisp clean Ivory Turin. It sits in the natural light perfectly. We love this minimalist look and believe there is beauty in simplicity!


Coastal Cottage Style

Introduce the colours of Spring into your home by accessorising with subtle shades of blue and beige, giving a nod to blue skies and sandy beaches. We love how the Little Lavender Cottage has complemented their Turin Oatmeal sofa with layered scattered cushions and a tactile throw which creates the most cosy space and calming retreat.


The Colourful Home

Like a burst of sunshine, nothing cheers up a room more than the colour yellow! Look at this bright yellow velvet sofa. Our customer Mia strikes a balance using a cool wall colour shade, beautiful art prints in contrasting colours and neutral accessories. All these different colours play an important role in creating a cohesive look that ties the whole room together.

Image by Mia Felce via Instagram @miafelce

Eclectic Glamour

You don’t have to completely redecorate to use colour as a mood booster. A new sofa or statement chair in your chosen shade will transform a room instantly. For a showstopping splash of luxe and glamour, why not check out our Velvet Blush? Anneka pairs her armchair with sultry dark walls and monochrome themed prints. The Blush pink adds a touch of feminine flair to the room and the plants add energy!


We hope you’re feeling more inspired and have a new vision for your home filled with positivity. Here at Nabru, we can help turn your ideas into a reality. Whether you decide to refresh your existing sofa with new covers,  custom make your own sofa using our online design tool or opt for one of our many modular sofas and armchairs on offer, we have the perfect solution for your lifestyle and needs.

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Thinking About Buying A Velvet Sofa?

Velvet is everywhere – and going nowhere. A velvet sofa will add luxury and glamour to any home. Rather than a passing trend, velvet interiors are timeless and won’t date. We are so convinced that we offer a large range of colours of this fabric in our collection! If you’re feeling cautious about introducing the fabric into your home, here are a few simple tips to hopefully convince you that velvet is a perfect choice.


Styling a Velvet sofa or Armchair

You could add a neutral hued velvet sofa as a secondary seat in a room but if you want to make a real impact, go for a statement colour and make your velvet sofa the focal point of the room. A vibrant blue, green or mustard sofa will instantly catch your eye – just make sure you tone down the rest of your decor and add a couple of complementary accessories. If you’re not keen on the idea of a velvet sofa and want to introduce the fabric in a more subtle way, maybe opt for a  velvet armchair in a cosy corner of your home. Try placing a velvet chair in your bedroom, or perhaps a pair of comfy armchairs snuggled in a bay window with a side table placed in between. Because velvet upholstery gently reflects the light instead of absorbing it, this makes a velvet settee a great pairing against a dark wall or small corner of your room.
Image by Mia Felce via Instagram @miafelce
Maintaining your velvet sofa


Velvet generally just requires a quick vacuum to remove loose dirt and dust and then brushing in the direction the fibres naturally lie, to restore the nap. If you do spill something, remove as much as you can by carefully blotting it with a clean, absorbent cloth. Avoid washing with water as this can damage the texture of the velvet. Instead, it’s always best to use a commercial cleaning product designed specifically for use on velvet and carefully follow the instructions. Alternatively, if the covers on your velvet sofa are removable, you may be able to take them to a specialist upholstery cleaner.
Image by Mia Felce via Instagram @miafelce
So, have we convinced you a velvet sofa is the way to go? With our custom made sofas and armchairs you can choose everything from the model and size right down to the feet. The hardest choice for you will probably be what colour to go for! Make that first move now and order your fabric samples from our website.

Clever Small Sectional Sofas To Consider Right Now

A sectional sofa adds versatility into the home and puts you in charge. Its modular components allow you to adapt the sofa to suit your needs and with Nabru’s design-your-own facility you can really configure your sofa exactly how you want it.

With a sectional sofa you are able to maximise the practicality and adjust the design to suit the space and style requirements you have. That is a rare luxury in the home and something that we at Nabru would encourage you to take advantage of. That’s why we have designed and made available a selection of small, compact, sectional sofas that look fantastic in the home and will add value to your everyday lives.

Like any sofa from Nabru, our small sectional sofas come in a selection of fabrics, colours and styles. You can go for the big corner sofas, which are joined together by a corner wedge section, or you can opt for two separate sofas that you can move around the room to change the layout as and when you see fit.

holl 2 seat sofa

Quality sectional sofas

The beauty of the Nabru range is that, whatever the size or style, you are getting the same quality fabrics, precision detail manufacture and high resilience foam seating. Also, our sectional sofas fit together with a unique design that has no need for tools or screws or fiddly construction. Anyone can do it, so now you have no excuse.

Our most popular sectional sofas are the two-seaters – Lear, Ato, Orb, Tor, Alda, Holl, Arc and Sui – these are neat, compact and stylish and adaptable to all kinds of room, including conservatories, play rooms, home studies and summer houses. We also give you the option of adding a chaise end, so you and your partner can snuggle up while you take it in turns to stretch out in luxurious comfort.

The three-seater range from Nabru also comes with a chaise option and still they are sufficiently compact to serve a purpose in a variety of home environments. You will be surprised how well our two and three-seater sofas fit into small spaces. So take your measurements and see what we can do for you.

The benefits of a sectional sofa

While our self-assembly sofas do come in off-the-peg designs, you can really let your imagination go wild by customising your designs to suit your tastes, changing fashions or just your creative whim. As well as chaise and armless options, you can go for two-tone colour variations, different styles of arms, different piping detail and you can also choose between steel or wooden feet.

With a self-assembly option our sectional sofas are guaranteed to fit, but whether you go for a small two-seater or a larger four or five seater, the sectional design allows you to stretch your creative limits. Ultimately, you are only restricted by your available space and your imagination. Other than that, there are no limits to what you can do.

So…become the engineer, and design yourself a sofa that can fulfil all your needs and that you can put together yourself. A sectional sofa puts you in charge and gives you some ownership of the finished product.

Mix And Match Your Sofas For A Hot Design Trend

We all want our living room to be sophisticated and have a pulled together look that shows the thought and craft that has gone into it. But that doesn’t mean everything has to be styled and co-ordinated and follow a certain colour scheme. Mis-matched furniture is most definitely in, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that your living room needs to look like there is no concept to it.

The trendy craft ale bars and coffee shops in most towns and cities revel in chairs collected from thrift stores and antique shops, and it works well to have an upright wooden chair next to a second hand deep, leather sofa. Shabby chic is the look they are going for, and while ‘no rules’ is the rule, it doesn’t mean you need to adopt this to the letter and that anarchy reigns when it comes to your living room.

Invest in comfort and style with a Nabru sofa

Mix and match sofas can form the centre piece of your home improvement, particularly if you want to invest in the very best comfort and style for your sofa, but can’t afford to splash out on everything else in the room.

mix and match sofa

So a two-seater sofa can sit next to another two-seater sofa and they don’t necessarily have to be the same colour. Or you can have a two-seater sofa forming an angle with a three-seater or a four-seater. As long as you stick to fairly neutral colours, this allows you to then layer your room in a style that is considered but looks wonderfully carefree.

Your mix and match sofas should of course be the right size for the room. Don’t over clutter the room with two sofas that dominate or don’t complement each other, and equally, don’t stick a pair of two-seaters together when you have room for so much more.

Your sofa is the centre point of your room

The neat and clean lines of Nabru sofas and the choice of colours available allow you to start the room re-design with your sofas and then build from there, with accompanying furniture free to bring a variety of shapes and sizes to the party, to work with your sofa centre point. So next to your Nabru sofa you can make permanent use of an occasional chair, or an upcycled table or you can buy a coffee table or a feature rug from a second hand shop. The choice is yours, but it’s all stemming from the focal point of your mix and match sofas.

It is true that the mix and match concept is pretty hipster at the moment, and fits the lifestyle of drinking imported coffee, eating granola in the morning and discussing artisan gins. But it is an idea that is unlikely to go out of fashion, because it is custom-made and brings personality, and designing a room with your own ideas and on a tight budget is never likely to disappear. Increasingly, people are wanting freedom of expression and are looking for cost-effective ways to improve the home.

Mix and match sofas is the hot design trend that allows you to do this. You can use the wealth of choice from Nabru and then envelop them in your personality; where there are no limits, no rules and no questions asked.


If you’re looking to bring some overseas flavour to your living room, then check out our tips for capturing the aesthetics of regions from all over the globe.


Moroccan style is an eclectic mix of African, Arab, and European features. Low sofas with rich, coloured fabrics and plenty of throw cushions help accentuate this look.

sofa design inspiration

Recommended: Ato 4 Seat Sofa with extra throw cushions


Scandinavian and Nordic styles have seen a resurgence due to popular TV shows. This style gravitates towards the minimalist and understated. Clean lines, classic designs, and the occasional burst of colour define this look.

sofa design inspiration

Recommended: Orb 2 Seat Sofa Bed in faux Suede


The French design style is a mix of opulence and chic. Ornate furniture with deep cushioning and a modern flair encompasses this look.

sofa design inspiration

Recommended: Lear One Armless 3 Seat Sofa in Pewter Holland fabric


Italian style makes use of light and warm colours, simple and refined designs, with the occasional dash of luxury mixed in.

sofa design inspiration

Recommended: Ula Armchair, Wide

Visit our Inspiration page for an in-depth look at each style and advice on how to complete the look of your living room.

Cosy Furniture Ideas for Autumn

Cosy Furniture Ideas for Autumn

As the nights draw in and the temperatures begin to cool, we swap sitting outside in our wicker furniture for curling up on the sofa indoors. While it’s unlikely that you throw out all your furniture at the end of summer for new pieces in the same way that you might update your wardrobe, you may be in the market for fresh furniture ideas nevertheless.

When it’s cold outside, we want to be warm inside. Furniture can be incredibly influential here – the Danes have a word, hygge, for the warm, comfortable ambience within a home, and furniture has a major part to play in ensuring comfort and cosiness.

Invest in a statement piece

If you’re looking to make a real change this autumn, invest in a statement piece. A four-seater sofa that dominates the room or a couple of ornately carved armchairs can immediately define the look and feel of a room, so it’s important to be sure about your choice. If you opt for a classic design then you’ll never fall foul of trends that might be out of fashion in a year, and you’ll be able to build the room around it however you see fit.

Think texture

Texture is often an undervalued attribute of furniture but, given it’s going to come into contact with your skin on a daily basis, it’s important that you’re comfortable with it. For instance, leather doesn’t exactly scream cosiness – more like artificiality. Soft, natural fabrics and a deep, squashy seat are the ideal combination for a sofa going into the autumn and winter months, but you might want to order some swatches or test a certain model out before deciding on it.

Orange is the new orange

Autumn is easily the most colourful month (though spring might argue that it can give it a run for its money). For a vibrant, appropriate-for-autumn take on interior décor, why not take your inspiration from the foliage shades outside? Effortlessly evoking warmth and cosiness, shades of orange and red might be bold (perhaps too bold for some) but can also blend perfectly into a living area where comfort is paramount. This isn’t a colour for fans of minimalism and monochrome, but a family home would be ideal.

And finally…embrace hygge with accessories

The furniture you choose is only part of the aesthetic. With the aforementioned hygge a defining trend of interior design in recent months, a significant aspect of it involves decorating furniture with soft cushions, throws and blankets to ensure the room evokes as much comfort as possible. While the pieces you choose are important, don’t forget that you can create an aesthetic just as cosy by choosing the smaller aspects of your décor wisely.

As autumn settles across the land, there’s no better time to update your furniture and turn your living areas into cosy nests of joy, however you see fit to do so. Once you get started, the difficulty will lie in knowing where to stop!


Interactive Tyrion Lannister’s Man Cave

Do you miss Game of Thrones?

So do we. The huge void left in our lives now Game of Thrones has ended – once again, on a huge cliff-hanger.

Fortunately, the next 10 months – based on the favoured April release date – won’t feel as long as the last, as the man cave of fan-favourite, Tyrion Lannister, is just asking to be explored (and hibernated in)!

Tyrion Lannister Man Cave
Click the image above to experience this full page interactive man cave.

We asked enthusiasts to divulge which goodies they thought should be found within his chambers, before putting together this interactive graphic of the lion’s den.

Wine, women and weapons are aplenty – readers can hover over the books, bottles and crossbows to see why these pieces were considered essentials.

Would you add anything to Tyrion’s Man Cave?