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Self Assembly Sofas | The Nabru Blog

Looking for a self assembly sofa? This blog section tells you everything you need to know about self assembly sofas and more.


Design Your Own Sofa

Choosing The Perfect Armchair for your Room

An armchair is your opportunity to add colour, texture and personality to your space. If you’re looking to put your feet up on something comfortable …

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Corner Sofas

Ready for Spring, Styled by You!

Spring has arrived! And as the season of regrowth, renewal and rejuvenation, there’s never been a better time to refresh your home. Pale neutrals, soft …

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Design Your Own Sofa

Thinking About Buying A Velvet Sofa?

Velvet is everywhere – and going nowhere. A velvet sofa will add luxury and glamour to any home. Rather than a passing trend, velvet interiors are timeless …

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Design your own sofa

Build your own bespoke sofa design, ready to be shipped to your door.


Self Assembly Sofas

How Easy Is It To Assemble A Nabru Sofa?

self assembly sofas

You will know by now that a Nabru sofa will fit anywhere and we have tales of delivering sofas to all manner of weird and …

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Self Assembly Sofas

Armless Sofas For Smaller Spaces

armless sofas

Interior room design can stand or fall on how you balance items, and that so often comes down to what space you have available. Items …

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Self Assembly Sofas

Furnishing Your Home With Budget-Friendly Sofas

lear 2 seat sofa - budget friendly

Whatever state the property market is currently in, buying a house is expensive, and furnishing a house from scratch can be a real challenge of …

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Bring the Nordic lifestyle into your home

With all things Nordic in the cultural spotlight, this is the time to take interior décor inspiration from Scandinavia. This style might have originated in Scandinavia, but it works the world over.

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