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We offer a large selection of sofa beds which are guaranteed to fit. Available in three sizes; a generous single, a small double and a large double.


Sofa Beds

Best value sofa beds

Best value sofa beds When space is at a premium, there often isn’t a spare bedroom available for friends or relatives when they come for …

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Sofa Beds

Cheap Sofas and Sofa Beds

Cheap sofas and sofa beds Sometimes, low cost sofas can be just what you’re looking for. It may be that you move regularly, and currently …

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Home Life

Affordable Sofas and Sofa Beds

Makeover your room with a new affordable sofa or sofa bed If you want to update your living room quickly and easily, add a stylish, …

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Design your own sofa

Build your own bespoke sofa design, ready to be shipped to your door.


Sofa Beds

How Nabru Sofa Beds Work

How Nabru Sofa Beds Work All of our sofa beds come with easy to follow instructions on how to assemble the sofa. Most please prefer …

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Design Your Own Sofa

Strength Test

Customers are sometimes worried that self assembly sofas are not strong. Don’t be concerned! If anything our sofas are stronger than traditionally built sofas.   …

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