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We have a wide range of ‘off the peg’ corner sofas to choose from. Cannot find the sofa for you? Why not design your own at no extra cost.


Corner Sofas

The Must-Have Open End Corner Sofabed

lear double corner sofa bed

A corner sofa is often associated with luxury; you have the space and you are going to make the most of it. Certainly a corner …

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Corner Sofas

How To Assemble A Corner Sofa

Tor 3X2 Corner Sofa

Your interest in indulgent loafing has peaked and finally you are ready to take delivery of your brand new corner sofa. Of course this is …

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Design your own sofa

Build your own bespoke sofa design, ready to be shipped to your door.


Corner Sofas

Comfy Corner Sofas

What to look for in a comfy corner sofa. If you are considering a cosy addition to your home furniture, a corner sofa can help …

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Corner Sofas


The underestimated power of the sofa

Many people view sofas as static objects – unchanging with little variation between the different options, and corner sofas are even harder to come by. …

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Corner Sofas

How to customise your corner sofa

Living space ideas

At Nabru, we have a range of options for you to fully customise your sofa, and a corner sofa is particularly versatile. However, when it …

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Corner Sofas

Nabru Corner Sofas

Nabru corner sofas

Corner Sofas Nabru has a wide range of corner sofas which is a great way to accommodate seating for those small rooms and get the …

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Corner Sofas

Holiday Home Sofa

Holiday home sofa

Do you need a holiday home sofa? If you are moving to a house abroad or if you own a house in another country and …

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Bring the Nordic lifestyle into your home

With all things Nordic in the cultural spotlight, this is the time to take interior décor inspiration from Scandinavia. This style might have originated in Scandinavia, but it works the world over.

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