Any Design in Any Fabric Before Xmas!

Choosing The Perfect Armchair for your Room


An armchair is your opportunity to add colour, texture and personality to your space. If you’re looking to put your feet up on something comfortable and with good back support, we have something perfect for you.


Prioritise comfort

This is definitely one of the most important considerations. The way your furniture feels is just as important as how it looks! An armchair must be comfortable and supportive. A high-backed chair not only supports your lower back but also the rest of your back encouraging good posture.  This style of chair is comfortable and supportive for longer periods of time sitting.  The Sui Chaise Armchair shown in Holland Sail is a armchair that comprises low wide arms and an extension seat that almost resembles a bed!


Keep it simple

Even the most humble design can create quite an impact when placed in the right spot. Our Xan 1 seat sofa is a modern design with clean lines, a mid-height back and an extra large seat. Upholstered in Velvet Marine, it’s perfect for a lounging spot near a big window. Xan injects a sense of warmth and cosiness to a space, making it a great choice for a reading nook. When it comes to choosing the perfect chair, less really can be more.



Make it pop

Colour is known for its mood-boosting qualities and is perfect for brightening up your home. If you’re feeling brave, bring bright and bold colours to the forefront. Our bright coloured velvets can brighten up a room without being too heavy as the fabric reflects light instead of absorbing it. The simple shape of our Alda Armchair is elevated up a notch in a bold Blush Velvet fabric. Not only is this chair uber-cosy, but its streamlined style also means it exudes a contemporary yet luxury look.



We have a great range of chairs, with so many colour and fabric choices to create your perfect look. From chaise to loveseat and armchair to accent – you’ll love sitting, snuggling, sleeping and even listening to music on your Nabru chair!


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