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Create the perfect Scandi Living Room

Scandinavian design is a movement marked by simplicity, minimalism and practicality. Clean lines, natural elements and geometric patterns of Scandinavian style make it the perfect choice for any home. The furniture you choose has a big part to play in creating that vibe, especially your sofa, which can often be the centrepiece of your Scandi living room.

Neutral Colours

One of the first things you notice about Scandi decor is the very limited palette. White predominates, with touches of grey, black, pale blue, or pastels taking up secondary positions. Scandinavian decor is designed to provide a bright space full of light that the people don’t often get from the long, dark winters they have. White walls will create the perfect background for both natural and artificial light. This will reflect off and add spaciousness in your living room.

Layering Neutrals

Think about Scandi living room decor as bringing the best of the outside into the inside. You will then understand the importance of layering neutral tones throughout the room – choose beige, browns, greens and greys to really bring the Scandi style to life. These colours will add a subtle depth to the room whilst keeping it warm and cosy for the whole family to snuggle up together and enjoy.

Wooden Flooring

Wood floors are a Scandi staple and will continue to brighten the space up and bring more of nature inside with the different textures it provides. Compliment your floor with a decorative, neutral coloured rug that will add warmth to the room and create the perfect balance of spaciousness and cosy.

Plants and Flowers

Greenery is also the perfect way to transform your living space into a Scandi haven. Adding some plants or flowers into your living room will help bring nature inside to compliment those open spaces and help create an even cosier space. Choose big potted plants for corners of the room and add smaller ones throughout.

Check out our complete range of colours and fabrics at Nabru today to achieve that minimalistic, multi-purpose furniture style that best suits the Scandi Style! Your living room can be that perfect haven that can offer you solace from the elements all year round!


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