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From the ancient mosaics of the Roman Empire, to the intricate ceiling and wall designs of the Renaissance, interior design has been an important aspect of Italian culture for centuries.

To celebrate this commitment to design, we’ve explored the fundamentals of contemporary Italian design, to allow you to add a touch of Italian style to your home.

1. Mix up modern and rustic10

Preserving history is an important part of Italian culture, especially when it comes to architecture. Many Italians like to preserve the character of older buildings but keep their modern furniture, creating a mix of contemporary and rustic styles.

Whilst you might not live in an older building, you can still recreate this style in your own home. Look around antique markets and second hand furniture shops for older furniture, adding a rustic touch to a modern home.

2. Open Spaces

To really get the Italian feel in your home, open space is a must. Italian homes are often on the smaller side, so having an open plan kitchen/dining room can really make a space look bigger.

It enhances the ideal of what a house should be for; living! Whether the look you are going for is a Tuscan villa or a Milan loft apartment, light, airy spaces are key.

3. Minimalistic

Following on from having open spaces, less is often more in Italian interior design. Untidiness is a big no, so concealed storage areas play a big part in hiding clutter.

Opt for sofas with concealed storage space   to really give your home a minimalistic feel.

4. Living Kitchen

The kitchen has developed over the years in Italian culture to become somewhere to relax and socialise, not just somewhere to work and make food. The kitchen is such a big part of Italian culture that there have even been songs and films made about them!

Take advantage of this in your own home by placing a table or small sofa in your kitchen so that you can socialise with the whole family.  You could even try and cook some traditional Italian dishes to really get the feel of Italy!

5. Using Stone

One of the most famous aspects of Italian interior design is intricate stonework, from the warm terracotta tile floor, to the luxurious marble counter top. Whilst you might not be able to afford to retile your floor, you could find a few intricately decorated tiles to adorn your walls with, just to add a dash of Italian design to your kitchen or living room.

Have a go with some of the tips above to add some Italian flair to your home, whatever your budget. For ideas on furnishings, check out our Italian ‘Get the Look’.


Author: Iain Cowsill

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