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This Sofa Was Made For Sleeping: Try The Holl Sofabed


Good things come in threes and that is definitely the case with the Holl range from Nabru. Style and comfort are the first two things you want from a sofa, but with the Holl you have a sofabed too. With distinctive curved arms the Holl really stands out from the crowd, and once your visitors have tried out the sofabed, they’ll want a Holl in their home too.

Sofabeds have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days when people would wince at the thought of an uncomfortable night on a rickety sofabed; in days gone by they were not big enough for two people, you would have springs digging in your back and they would keep one or both of you awake all night with a squeaky mattress as you tossed and turned trying to get comfortable.

Holl 2 Seat Sofa Bed

Combining comfort and style with a Nabru sofabed

Today, sofabeds can be used long term and if you have space issues at home, it is common for sofabeds to become permanent beds, such are the leaps and bounds in progress that have been made with regards comfort and durability. A prime example of this is the Holl sofabed from Nabru, a sofabed that doesn’t just pay lip service to its dual purpose role, but embraces your need for comfort and relaxation and delivers in an emphatic manner.

With stylish curves and the full array of patterns, colours and fabrics to choose from, the Holl sofabed is a great addition to your room design first and foremost, but it also offers unrivalled comfort as both a sofa and a sofabed.

Like all our sofas, the Holl sofabed comes as a flatpack package that you build yourself, but this doesn’t compromise on style and design. With the Holl sofa you get two medium-sized sofa cushions, and with the sofabed there is a threefold metal action mechanism, a sprung polypropylene base and a 6cm foam mattress for long term comfort.

A multi-functional design solution from Nabru

Neat and square, the Holl sofabed is an attractive finished package that will represent a chic and stylish addition to the home but also solve practical issues and make a room multi-functional and multi-purpose. It is also available as a ‘chaise’ version, so you can really spread out and take luxury and style to the maximum, just don’t blame us for the arguments over who gets the chaise end, and please, share it out evenly.

The Holl sofabed is next level comfort and style, but you don’t need to just take our word for it, our customers have been quick to respond with their feedback on the Holl sofabed too. Amongst the features they have raved about are the quick delivery, how well made it is, how comfortable it is and how easy to build it is. This applies to all our sofas at Nabru, but with the Holl sofabed, we think we have something a little bit special.

In the 21st century we make many more demands as a consumer, and the Holl sofabed is a great example of a product that ticks a number of boxes whilst enhancing our home, and as such it is the sofabed that was made for sleeping and the number one sofabed solution for you.

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Author: Iain Cowsill

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