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Why Armchair Sofabeds Are Comfy And Compact


It is well established that a sofabed is a good investment in the home which can bring a range of practical benefits, not least the ability to change a room’s function as needed and to create space. Many homes have small rooms that can double up as a kids’ playroom or a home office and an overnight guest room, simply with the addition of a sofabed.

However, if space is still an issue and you haven’t got room for a two or three-seater sofa in a spare room, have you considered an armchair sofabed? Okay, that might sound like a contradiction in terms, but there is nothing disagreeable about the snug comfort of an armchair sofabed from Nabru.

Often you need a sofabed for last-minute guests, relatives coming for the weekend or maybe even a permanent bed for one of the kids. The quality of design and manufacturing today means that this is perfectly possible, and the deepest levels of sleep comfort are possible whilst still retaining the essence of a stylish, modern and functional armchair.

Ula Armchair Bed

Stylish and comfortable armchair sofabeds

It is common for an armchair to suit a room design, even if it is a complement to a bigger sofa in your living room. But a guest room, kids’ playroom or home office will always benefit from an armchair, whether the room is used every day or not. Not only that, you will be amazed by the style and comfort that can be achieved by Nabru’s armchair range.

With wide arms and square, contemporary shape, our armchairs are design classics that will enhance your room but also provide an important practical function. But don’t be put off by the idea that an armchair sofabed can’t possibly be big enough.

Of course, there are some armchairs in our range that, with a 75cm wide bed space, are only really suitable for a single person, but that might just suit your needs perfectly. We also have the Xan, Xia and Xuxu armchairs, which have a single seat but are effectively a two-person sofa, and hence when unfolded as a sofabed you have a 100cm width suitable for two people to sleep on. Either way, you are cocooned in a cosy world designed just for you and ready for a great nights’ sleep.

Easy to set-up armchair sofabeds

All our armchair sofabeds have a 3-fold metal action with a sprung polypropylene deck and a foam mattress. So the detail in the design ensures that you have overnight comfort for use long, medium or short term. The sofabeds are easy to set up for those late night occasions where an eleventh-hour decision to stop over has been made, and just as easy to put away again in the morning.

In the 21st century we are making more demands of the products we buy, and increasingly we are expecting items to have a dual purpose and to offer clever and practical solutions for our busy lives. The armchair sofabed does exactly that, it brings style and class to your home, but also solves critical space issues and still allows you the option to entertain and invite guests.

So welcome to the snug, cosy and compact world of the armchair sofabed; the design solution you never knew existed but is ready and waiting to transform your home.

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