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Sofas With Storage: Which Should You Choose?


When naming something that you crave more than anything else, people would normally go for money, time or a favourite foodstuff, but when assessing your life practically and what would make a big difference to it, space is something most of us need a lot more of.

Holl2 seat storage sofa

Space allows us to go bigger and bolder, to fit more in to our homes, or maybe, simply, to be more tidy? We buy a home to live in and we fit ourselves into it, but this means however big our home is we buy things and live accordingly. So whether you have a big house, a medium house or a small house, you always need space. Or more accurately storage space.

In modern homes there are more creative ways to generate storage, with ingenious cupboards, pocket doors and design features that cleverly create space, and at Nabru, we have done the same with our sofas. In our multi-functional, multi-purpose world, most items in the home are no good to us if they only do one thing, and that applies to sofas too. Now let’s take a look at our range of sofas, which also double up as a handy storage space.

How does a Nabru sofa provide storage?

Our storage sofas are designed with a recess under the sofa cushions and main base, so how might you use the space we have cleverly created for you? You could store items directly onto the floor, but we also supply storage trays which can lock into place to create an enclosed space for storage of extra cushions, board games or DVDs, or if you have a corner sofabed, the space under the sofa side can store your bedding, duvet or pillows.

In a flat or apartment where the sofabed comes into its own to provide a practical solution for space issues, this storage facility can be vital. To access the storage space underneath the seats of a Nabru sofa, you only need to lift up the seats to reveal the storage space that is underneath the seat. The amount of storage space that’s available depends on the size of the seats above of course, and so the bigger the amount of storage space you want, the larger the sofa you need to go for. You should also note that there is no storage space underneath a regular two or three seater sofabed, only a corner sofabed, as the space beneath a sofabed is taken up by the sofabed mechanism.

Great storage facilities with a Nabru sofa

Our range of storage sofas include the Lear, Ato, Orb and Tor two-seater sofas, which are amongst our most popular designs for small homes and apartments. Looking slightly bigger, you will get more storage space underneath a Holl or Sui two-seater, as their cushions are slightly wider. Also, the three-seater sofas of the Alda, Holl, Sker and Ula range offer great storage facilities for tidying stuff out of the way.


Probably the ultimate storage capacity comes with the four-seater products in the Ato, Alder, Holl and Sker ranges, with these offering maximum luxury and the kind of design solution you will very quickly realise you couldn’t live without. So check out our Nabru range of storage sofas, ask us a few questions and we can enhance your life several times over with style, comfort and perhaps best of all, some much-needed storage space.

Author: Iain Cowsill

Hi! I'm Iain, owner of Nabru self assembly sofas. Established over 15 years ago, Nabru is the UK's leading name in quality self assembly sofas, sofa beds and corner sofas. Our sofas are guaranteed to fit through your door! Shop our range of sofas at today.

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