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Statistically, People Take Three Times Longer To Choose a Sofa Than a House


Shopping has become much easier in the last few years, whether you prefer idly browsing the internet of an evening, or the fact that most big stores are open in the evenings and longer at weekends than they used to be. Our shopping habits have changed and so too, it seems, has the importance we apply to certain shopping decisions. Amazing new research has found that we spend three times longer deciding on a sofa than we do a new home, for example.

Property website Zoopla has issued the research, which also shows that people spend longer deliberating over cars, laptops and smartphones than they do the house they live in, but perhaps that is down to the sheer amount of information that is out there now, and the amount of research that can be undertaken?

Buying a sofa is a big investment, and at Nabru we are pretty chuffed that people take it so seriously. We like to think we have added to this problem by providing so much choice, but it seems the size of an investment doesn’t necessarily match the amount of time we deliberate over something.

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How long does it take to choose a sofa?

The average person decides on the suitability of a new home within 27 minutes of first viewing it, and nearly a quarter of people (24%) decide within ten minutes. In comparison, people take an average of 88 minutes to decide upon a sofa.

Many homeowners make an offer for a property on the same day as viewing it, but the way the property market works, you often have to be mentally strong and attuned to act quickly like that. A sofa will most likely always be there tomorrow. But then it seems the bigger the investment, the more impulsive we can be, although often with a property, you have already decided on the area and the type of property, so the vast majority of the meticulous background research is done. Also, these research findings don’t account for all the other house viewings you have undertaken and rejected before finding your dream home.

With a sofa, you face a complex decision based upon comfort, size, colour and fabric, but also including how the sofa will feel in your room, both now and in the future. With Nabru, we know that your sofa is guaranteed to fit, but we also offer a vast choice of fabrics and colours so that you can design your own sofa, and this is where much deliberation can confuse the issue and take a long time to resolve.

How Nabru can help you choose a sofa

Although our sofas are self-assembly and put you in control of both the design and build of your sofa, this doesn’t seem to make the decision process any easier. We understand how big a decision a new sofa is, which is why we lay out all the options and let you play about with the design until you are happy.

Ultimately, a sofa is the centrepiece of your home, it is an indulgent purchase for you and something you like to show off to other people too. You spend an awful lot of time on your sofa, it becomes the centre of your world and of course it is a big influence over how the rest of the room looks.

So whether you are going for a two-seater, a three-seater, a sofa-bed or a corner sofa, we don’t want you to rush your decision on your sofa. Let us help you where you need it, but take all the time you need. It might take three times longer to decide on a sofa compared to a home, but to us that makes perfect sense, because a home is nothing without a sofa.

Author: Iain Cowsill

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