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A Regular or Corner Sofa – Which Is Better For Your Home?


Corner sofas have become more and more prominent in homes in recent years, with the regular sofa taking something of an, erm….., back seat. A corner sofa is now seen as something of a statement and the ultimate indulgence, but all the same, it is an affordable one. But when you face the dilemma of a sofa investment, which should you choose? Undoubtedly it is down to your individual circumstances, requirements and the size of your room space, but there are a number of pros and cons when comparing a corner sofa to a regular sofa, and here we can take a look.

lear corner sofa

Many people see a corner sofa as a better use of space in a living room, even though it takes up so much. Naturally, a corner sofa can be pushed right into the corner of a room and it therefore gives you extra seating space, where normally you would lose something if you opted to have two regular sofas at 90 degree angles to each other. But then, if you don’t necessarily need that seating space, the break between sofas allows you the opportunity to decorate with a small side table, a floor lamp or a plant.

What are the advantages of a corner sofa?

A corner sofa can certainly dominate a room, which is why you need to be so careful to get the size and style right. There is unlikely to be much flexibility with a corner sofa, once it is in you won’t be able to re-arrange the room in a few months’ time when you get bored, while having two three-seater sofas allows you to swap and change the room layout as you see fit.

In terms of flexibility, however, you do have the option to design the corner sofa to your needs before you purchase it. Modular sofas give you the option of having a long side and a short side according to your room shape and size, so you can have a one and a three-sided corner sofa, or a two and a four. You can also have a chaise end to suit your needs, and you can opt to have an armless end if you are really maximising the inches available to you in your living room.

A corner sofa is great for the family to congregate on and live together, you can even include the dog, or you can enjoy the ultimate ‘stretch out’ if you are enjoying the rare treat of having the sofa to yourself for a change.

How a regular sofa can offer you more flexibility

Of course, for some homes a regular sofa is more practical. Having two separate sofas allows you more flexibility in room design, as mentioned above, and also allows you to introduce other types of furniture into the room, such as coffee tables and armchairs, which might otherwise be limited with a corner sofa. Thinking long term, you might feel that a regular sofa gives you some freedom and is less restrictive, and if you are someone who changes their design tastes regularly and likes to follow fashions, then a big corner sofa will definitely limit your ability to introduce changes.

If you are looking at other, smaller rooms in the house for a sofa, it is unlikely you will have the room for a corner sofa in the dining room, a study, a conservatory or the kids’ playroom and if you want to create a more intimate atmosphere in a room, a snug two-seater sofa is the way to go, rather than a sprawling 3 x 4 corner sofa.

Luckily, at Nabru we can offer you so many options and allow you the freedom to design your own sofa, so there really is no excuse for getting the decision wrong. The best thing is, there is a solution for every problem and we leave that decision entirely up to you.


Author: Iain Cowsill

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