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How to fit a sofa through a small door


How to fit a sofa through a small door. Picking out a sofa can be difficult but getting it safely into your living room is a whole other story. Whether you’re moving furniture into your home for the first time or bringing the sofa from one room to another, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your furniture through a narrow space:

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1. Make your measurements

Before starting your move, make sure you measure the sofa’s height, width, and length. Once confirmed, measure the height and width of the doorframe you’re going to be fitting the sofa through. A useful tip is here is to check the height of the sofa’s back. If it is greater than the width of the door, the sofa’s width will need to be narrower than the door’s width. Is the width and back-length are too great for the door? You will need to measure the sofa’s length, the length of the sofa is less than the height of the door, you will be able to fit it through.

2. Remove any obstacles

Once you have confirmed that the sofa will fit, take the time to walk your route and remove anything that will block your way. This includes furniture, paintings, plants, or anything that will make the sofa more difficult to manoeuvre. You could also remove any doors you are passing through to give you that extra inch or two of leeway.

3. Make your move

With your dimensions checked and obstacles removed, you can carefully start to move your sofa. First, gently tip the sofa onto its side and position it to head through the frame feet-first. Then carefully start to bring the sofa through the door at an angle, pushing forward and slowly turning the item to form a ‘V’ shape. Once you are half-way through, stop and orient as much of the sofa as possible into the room before continuing to push it through. If you meet resistance at any point, do not attempt to force the furniture as this can cause damage to the item or the home. Also, make sure that you lift with your legs and not your back.

4. Deal with any problems

If your sofa doesn’t fit, don’t panic. You can always contact the original seller who will have experience dealing with moving problems and will be able to provide help or suggest a professional mover. If you want to avoid all of these problems completely, consider a self-assembly sofa which can be moved in parts. Nabru’s self-assembly sofas are guaranteed to fit any space – check out the range at https://www.nabru.co.uk.

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