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3 Spaces In Your Home Sofa Beds Are Perfect For


Most households find a use for a sofabed at some point. It is rare to have sufficient spare beds for every occasion, and the landmark birthday or family event at Christmas can often cause an overspill where a sofabed becomes an option for someone. Of course, some homes may not have spare rooms and hence a sofabed is a necessity for when anyone stays over, whether it is planned or an impromptu stop over after a larger-than-anticipated night out.

The beauty of a sofabed is that it can be adaptable to any kind of room, but naturally it needs to be clean, warm and away from noise in order to present people with an adequate night’s sleep, and to ensure they might want to come back if such an occasion arose again. Every house is different, however, and hence it is impossible to offer hard and fast rules over where a sofabed is most suitable, but in most cases a conservatory, utility room or summer house would be too cold and a kitchen too inconvenient.

In an ideal world you want to locate a sofabed somewhere that:

  • Makes use of the sofa on occasions when it is not used as a bed
  • Is big enough for the bed to be unfolded and for people to sleep in and move about the room comfortably
  • Does not cause much disruption when people stay over

The three most common places for sofabeds in a home don’t necessarily tick all those boxes, to be fair, but depending on the size, orientation and population of the house these will go a long way to satisfying the most requirements:

  1. Kids Play room

A play room for the kids is a regular use for a ‘spare’ room and as a supplement to their bedroom is not always in regular use, hence someone staying over once in a while isn’t going to cause much upset. The kids can make regular use of the sofa in the meantime and it gives you an excuse, once in a while when guests come round, to tidy up the mess the kids leave.

kids play room

  1. Home Office

Where a home has the luxury of an office or study it is always a good location for a sofabed, as it is not usually an important room on a weekend when people are most likely to stay, and should be quite easy to clear up to create the space to unfold the bed. Furthermore, the sofa can get some use in between visits, if you are using the office to read or if there is a spare TV in there.

Home Office

  1. Front room or dining room

Depending on the configuration of your house, the front room or dining room is a very popular location for a sofa bed. Naturally, as a sofa you will get plenty of use out of it in these rooms, and it shouldn’t be too hard to tidy up and create space in preparation. It is also not usually too disruptive to have people sleeping in these rooms, as long as they don’t intend to stay in bed until midday.

dining room

At Nabru we offer a wealth of choice in terms of sofabeds for all types of room; from armchairs, two seater sofabeds, three seater sofabeds and corner sofabeds. It really depends on the size and space you have available, and while the above choices are the most popular and practical, different houses offer different possible solutions. The general rule is that the sofabed is a great multi-functional item of furniture that can change a room, save you a fortune and most of all, make your house a comfortable and popular place to visit.

Author: Iain Cowsill

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