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How To Assemble A Corner Sofa


Your interest in indulgent loafing has peaked and finally you are ready to take delivery of your brand new corner sofa. Of course this is a process that presents very few worries for you. You’re not afraid that the sofa won’t fit because you’re assembling it yourself and the sofa comes with a guarantee that it will fit anyway. And you’re not worried about assembling the sofa because you’ve already watched the excellent self-assembly videos on our website, so you know it’s really easy.

The only worry you have is that there’s a film on at 3pm and you need to pop to the shops for popcorn and drinks, having, ideally, already christened the sofa with a well-deserved afternoon nap. In this case, we recommend you work backwards and allow yourself roughly one to two hours to completely assemble the sofa, although the time you reserve for enjoying that very first extravagant lie down immediately afterwards is open to personal preference.

Tor 3X2 Corner Sofa

Assembling a corner sofa

After your sofa has been delivered you can unpack everything and check all the parts. Obviously you will need plenty of space so you need to be well prepared. The assembly instructions differ only by the size of the corner sofa you have ordered. But whether you have a simple 2 x 2 sofa, a 3 x 2 or something as big as a 4 x 3 or even a 5 x 3 corner sofa, the process is the same and the only difference is fitting the modular parts together to finally locate the sofa.

Step 1 – is to assemble the base uprights. These stand vertically and can be slotted together with no tools to form the rectangular base. You then also connect the front and back spacers with the struts in the middle.

Step 2 – fit the arm covers over the arms. This involves a bit of wrestling but they will soon fall into place and your sofa is beginning to take shape.

Step 3 – fit the covers on the back support boards. For a two-seater sofa you will have two support boards, and so on up to a five seater. And of course for a corner sofa you need to do this for both sections, whatever the size of the sofa is.

Step 4 – insert the seat boards into the seat cushions. Again, this involves standing the seat cushions upright and playing about with the boards to stuff them right down, but pretty soon you can zip them up.

Step 5 – add all the cushions onto the sofa and jump on……….oh no……..hang on…………..

Fitting the sections of the corner sofa together

Don’t get too carried away at this stage. The temptation might be to immediately jump on, but you might have noticed that the sections of your corner sofa aren’t yet joined together. So you need to locate the sections roughly in the right place and then attach the separate parts.

  • The first step is to attach the arms to the sofa. When you ordered the sofa you will have agreed an orientation which means the arm will only fit one way, so use a spanner to tighten the bolts and attach the arm in the right place.
  • You can then lift each piece around 10cm to locate the bracket that attaches the sections together. Lower the section down to lock it into the bracket and you will be able to feel when it is located properly. Repeat this if there are more than two sections to join together.
  • Now you need to finally locate the sofa where it is intended to be left. You will need someone to help you as you need to lift each section together not drag it, as this can damage the brackets and connections.

And finally that is it. No more than two hours have passed, so set your alarm just in case, have a well-earned lie down on your new sofa and dream about hours of laziness and slumber as you enjoy the comforts of your new corner sofa.

Author: Iain Cowsill

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