What The Colour Of Your Sofa Says About You

sofa colours

It is true that the style of sofa you choose says a lot about the kind of personality you are, be it an elegant, reclining chaise couch in a period home, a sectional sofa that looks like a dentist’s waiting room, a cosy love seat for just the two of you, or an obvious hand-me-down sofa from your parents’ back room, because you can’t afford a new one. A sofa is often a tell-tale insight into your world, and for those wanting to look a little deeper, the colour of your sofa can be even more revealing.

2 seat sofa

Your sofa’s colour can be a little deceptive, however. Maybe you didn’t find the one you really wanted and had to settle for the nearest match? Maybe you didn’t want to redecorate and simply went with what matched the wallpaper? Or maybe it wasn’t your choice at all, and the colour of our sofa merely tells us that you leave the big interior design decisions to your partner?

Certainly the more popular members of the colour spectrum tell us a few things about personality, which are not usually too far wrong. White, for example, is attached to cleanliness, purity and new beginnings, but also maybe you are adventurous? Because white allows you to be quite striking with other colours as nothing can possibly clash. On the flipside of the binary colour code, black is associated with being strong, commanding and assertive. Black is a traditional colour that can be bold, but also elegant if paired with the right colours for furnishing and decorating.

sofa colours

Does your sofa match your personality?

Not surprisingly, yellow is associated with people being happy, optimistic and energetic. It is a colour that is also likely to start conversations and becomes a talking point in itself, so naturally you are likely to be a sociable person who likes to get a party started.

Red is a colour that maybe splits opinion. It can be a striking statement for a sofa, but a bit like orange, it is not for everyone, and maybe suggests you are single-minded, ruthless and fiercely driven. Red evokes passion and suggests you are confident and bold, and as it adds an instant vibrancy to a room, perhaps it is most suited to the living room or where you do the most of your entertaining?

A very popular colour for a sofa is blue. It is classic and traditional and usually means you are not a risk-taker. Blue is a calming colour and means your key objective is to create harmony and peace in the home. Meanwhile, green can also be soothing and harmonious but in a way that celebrates natural things, as a result, green goes well with other ‘natural’ colours such as shades of brown for furnishings and accessories.

Choosing your sofa colour carefully

Finally, have you ever seen a purple sofa? You certainly don’t see many, but these are the domain of creative souls who maybe have a spiritual side. Purple – or shades of it such as plum or lavender – also emits warmth and cosiness, and while this is perfect for creating the right effect for a living room sofa, a purple sofa is definitely considered different, and therefore so are you.

So wherever you stand on the colour spectrum you may find yourself subconsciously falling into line with these conventions. But then none of us like to be dull and to always do what is expected, so why not keep people guessing and push the boat out when it comes to choosing your sofa colour? After all, maybe the one thing that defines you is that you are unpredictable, and with a world of choice available at Nabru, that can certainly apply to your sofa.

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