Benefits of a Nabru Modular Sofa

Benefits of a nabru modular sofa

Modular sofas have many advantages over traditional sofas, one of the most important of these advantages and often why people are looking for a modular sofa is that they come as individual components or units which means that they are easier to fit into your home and that they can be tailor made to suit you both in terms of your size requirements and your personal sense of style.


Nabru are really good at designing and making modular sofas, you could say that modular sofas are what we specialise in as every single one of our sofas comes as a self assembly modular sofa kit that’s guaranteed to fit your room whatever the access restrictions – the biggest piece in one of our modular sofas is always an arm or the sofa bed mechanism so as long as you can get one of these components into your room you’ll be sure to fit one of our modular sofas in.


Some of the great benefits of a Nabru modular sofa include:


Design Your Own Modular Sofa; Nabru’s design your own modular sofa tool allows you to choose how to combine our modular units to create your perfect sofa


Customise Your Modular Sofa; choose from 80+ fabric options, firm or soft seating, adding piping detail and steel or wood feet


Next Day Delivery Service; Every Nabru modular sofa can be delivered to you on a next day delivery service


Be sure to make the very most out of the space that you have when designing your sofa by considering adding a corner section to your sofa to create a modular corner sofa, you should also think about adding a bed mechanism; modular sofa beds can prove to be invaluable when you have friends or family round to stay and need somewhere for them to sleep.


Modular Sofas
The finishing touches being added to a Nabru modular sofa


You are probably already very excited about the prospect of ordering your modular sofa, however, there are some important things that you should think about when planning your modular sofa purchase, you should map out the size of the modular sofa that you are planning to buy in your room by using some old newspapers, if you treat the boundaries of the newspapers as if they are edges of your new sofa then that should give you a good feel of whether or not the size of the new sofa will work for you in the room or not. You should pay particular attention to the position of the sofa with regards to your wall and doors and if you are going to town with a U shaped modular sofa make sure that you have enough space to get in the door easily!


Thanks for taking the time to read this modular sofa article, we hope that you find it useful and are already planning your modular sofa purchase.


Author: iain cowsill

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