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Cosy Furniture Ideas for Autumn


Cosy Furniture Ideas for Autumn

As the nights draw in and the temperatures begin to cool, we swap sitting outside in our wicker furniture for curling up on the sofa indoors. While it’s unlikely that you throw out all your furniture at the end of summer for new pieces in the same way that you might update your wardrobe, you may be in the market for fresh furniture ideas nevertheless.

When it’s cold outside, we want to be warm inside. Furniture can be incredibly influential here – the Danes have a word, hygge, for the warm, comfortable ambience within a home, and furniture has a major part to play in ensuring comfort and cosiness.

Invest in a statement piece

If you’re looking to make a real change this autumn, invest in a statement piece. A four-seater sofa that dominates the room or a couple of ornately carved armchairs can immediately define the look and feel of a room, so it’s important to be sure about your choice. If you opt for a classic design then you’ll never fall foul of trends that might be out of fashion in a year, and you’ll be able to build the room around it however you see fit.

Think texture

Texture is often an undervalued attribute of furniture but, given it’s going to come into contact with your skin on a daily basis, it’s important that you’re comfortable with it. For instance, leather doesn’t exactly scream cosiness – more like artificiality. Soft, natural fabrics and a deep, squashy seat are the ideal combination for a sofa going into the autumn and winter months, but you might want to order some swatches or test a certain model out before deciding on it.

Orange is the new orange

Autumn is easily the most colourful month (though spring might argue that it can give it a run for its money). For a vibrant, appropriate-for-autumn take on interior décor, why not take your inspiration from the foliage shades outside? Effortlessly evoking warmth and cosiness, shades of orange and red might be bold (perhaps too bold for some) but can also blend perfectly into a living area where comfort is paramount. This isn’t a colour for fans of minimalism and monochrome, but a family home would be ideal.

And finally…embrace hygge with accessories

The furniture you choose is only part of the aesthetic. With the aforementioned hygge a defining trend of interior design in recent months, a significant aspect of it involves decorating furniture with soft cushions, throws and blankets to ensure the room evokes as much comfort as possible. While the pieces you choose are important, don’t forget that you can create an aesthetic just as cosy by choosing the smaller aspects of your décor wisely.

As autumn settles across the land, there’s no better time to update your furniture and turn your living areas into cosy nests of joy, however you see fit to do so. Once you get started, the difficulty will lie in knowing where to stop!


Author: Iain Cowsill

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