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Comfy Corner Sofas


What to look for in a comfy corner sofa.

If you are considering a cosy addition to your home furniture, a corner sofa can help you maximise your available space. Create a nook where you can catch up on TV, sit with the family or stretch out after a long day’s work.

But before you shell out for a new suite, it’s important to understand what you really need.

comfy lear sofa

Think about your seating

If you’re looking to make your seating arrangements a little more comfortable, you can consider adding extras such as sprung seating. This adds coiled springs directly beneath your cushions that work to help support your weight and allow for more give. However, while this increases comfort and helps provide support, it’s worth noting that this kind of seating often comes with high-end premium furniture. If you choose to consider the seating, it’s also worth avoiding cheaper springs which can damage or shorten the lifespan of your sofa.

Consider your filling

When it comes to the making of your corner sofa, you’re going to be looking for a balance between comfort, longevity and cost. Modern corner sofas offer several different types of filling for you to choose from, with the ‘big three’ being fibre, feather, and foam.

Fibre fillings: These are comprised of man-made fibres which are then impregnated with air to allow for low-cost comfort. Sitting on a fibre cushion causes the material to compress and offers an easy sit. While fibre fillings can prove initially pleasant, over time the filling is susceptible to wear and tear and can lose some of the air initially pumped into it. To bring it back to its original shape, it will require a bit of ‘plumping up’.

Feather fillings: This filling is the loosest of the three types and provides a deep rest when sat on – producing a ‘sinking’ effect as you sit down. As with fibre fillings, these will require very regular plumping to restore them to their original shape. Another downside is that they are prone to ‘clump’ together within the cushion.

Foam fillings: These are often used internally with many sofas and help provide a durable and form-fitting sit. This gives you great support and requiring minimal maintenance to look after. However, they can prove to be more expensive. Nabru’s sofas come with a foam core as standard and are built around high-resilient foam that helps provide additional support and retain their shape.

sofa filling for support and comfort

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