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Can’t Get The Sofa Upstairs


Can’t get the sofa upstairs?

Do you have a big sofa or a tricky staircase and you can’t get the sofa upstairs, look no further as all of our sofas here at Nabru are flat pack sofas so each sofa will come in parts which simply can be taken into the room and assembled from there. With a unique design there is no need for any screws or nails as you simply slot everything together which takes no time at all. We have a great “design your own tool” allows you to make the most of the space available and still have no issues with the staircase or narrow door! We get many customers coming to us who have had a delivery of a sofa from a different company and when it came to the delivery they can’t get the sofa upstairs due to the tricky corners and were issued a refund minus the delivery and 10% of the value of the sofa. This would not be the case here at Nabru, if you cannot get the sofa in (it has never happened before) we will give you a full refund including the delivery costs.


We are based in Uxbridge (West London) where we have our factory and showroom so for those customers nearby that would like to see what we have to offer before buying. Alternatively for those who cannot make the trip to our showroom we get such great customer feedback we are happy to offer you a 14 day free return policy where if you are not 100% happy with your sofa you can return and get a full refund of the value of the sofa. To see what recent customers have to say about their sofas please visit us on Trust Pilot.


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