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Basement sofa


Basement sofa

Selecting the right basement furniture can be the difference between having a dank cellar and a cushy extra space for relaxation. Unfortunately, many basements have restricted access, taking most sofas off the table. Trying to carry a large sofa down a narrow staircase can be difficult, or even dangerous if not done properly. It can also lead to damage to the staircase walls if the sofa’s dimensions are too big. Our solution to these issues? Flat-packed sofas.

Basements are hugely versatile. Before you decide on a basement sofa and other furniture, you’ll have to decide what type of space you want to create. There are some great examples in photos online of how basement spaces have been converted into home cinemas. Luxurious, dark leather sofas can be a great addition to such a room, both from an aesthetic perspective and in terms of comfort. Alternatively, it may be that you wish to turn your basement into a multi-functional family room, making other colours and fabrics preferable.

The way in which you choose to furnish your basement will also depend on the size and shape of the space. An L-shaped sofa may be the ideal way to fully utilise space for some, though others may prefer to have a table of some kind in the corner. Depending on your tastes, if your basement is relatively small, use of light colours such as pastels and white could be a great way of making the area look like it’s more spacious. Both beige microfibre sofas and light coloured leather sofas are great options, and go particularly well with off-white carpeting and ceilings, as well as light grey walls.

We recommend that you check out Pinterest for more basement furniture ideas and concepts for interior design – there are some truly creative ideas which you could use as inspiration. Once you’ve decided what type of sofa you want, we’d love to help you make it a reality. Here at Nabru, we offer the option of designing your own sofa to ensure that it fits all of your requirements. With a wide range of fabrics to choose from, we’re sure that you’ll find something to match your colour scheme. We also enable you to extend your sofa, or to shorten it. This may be advantageous if you add to your family, but is also beneficial when your little ones fly the nest. For your convenience, we offer fast, next day delivery!

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your needs!

Design your own u-shape sofa

Author: Iain Cowsill

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