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L Shaped Corner Sofa Suede

Our L Shaped Corner Sofas are available in sizes ranging from 3 seater configurations right up to very large 9 seater sofas, they are also available with a large number of optional extras such as a chaise or armless end, a sofa bed and a wide selection or arm choices.Our L Shaped Corner Sofas are available in sizes from very small to very large with optional extras such as chaise ends or sofa beds. 
  • Lear 3X2 Corner Sofa
    Suede Charcoal and Suede Black Two Tone : (225x168)cm Suede Charcoal and Suede Black Two Tone : (225x168)cm
  • Ato 3X3 Corner Sofa
    Suede Black : (232x232)cm Suede Black : (232x232)cm
  • Xan 2X2 Armless Corner
    Suede Black : (211x225)cm Suede Black : (211x225)cm
  • Orb 4x2 Corner Sofa
    Suede Charcoal and Suede Black Two Tone : (168x282)cm Suede Charcoal and Suede Black Two Tone : (168x282)cm