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Large Corner Sofas

More About Large Corner Sofas

Large Corner Sofa Buying Guide


We've been designing and manufacturing large corner sofas for many years, this detailed guide has been formulated based on those years of experience and leads you through what we believe are some of the most important choices and considerations that you need to make when making your decision about what large corner sofa to buy, we've set out our guide in the following sections:

Why a large corner sofa?

One of the most important things to think about is what are your reasons for purchasing a large corner sofa? Common reasons that we've found amongst our past customers include a sofa that is big enough to accommodate large family gatherings, you have a large family, you've got a really big room and you want a corner sofa that's big enough to fill it, a home cinema sofa, a family entertainment room sofa or even a status symbol!

If you think carefully about what your exact motivation for purchasing a really big corner sofa is that's going to help you with some of the purchasing decisions that you are going to need to make as we walk you through the rest of this guide. For example if it's because you are looking to seat a large number of people then perhaps a larger number of smaller individual seats and a hard wearing fabric will be best for you, whereas if you are looking to purchase it for a home entertainment room or as a space filler then maybe you are looking for large seats, modern styling and a fabric that makes a strong impact.

We'd recommend that you think carefully about your motivations, it's important to be honest with yourself, once you've done that we'd love to walk you through the rest of the decisions that you need to make in regard to your large corner sofa purchase.

Large sofa size
Top Tip:
Think carefully about what your motivations are for buying a large corner sofa, once you've got a clear picture in mind the purchasing decisions that you need to make as you go through the buying process will be much easier.

Off the peg large corners

Perhaps the easiest way to choose your large corner sofa is to browse through our extensive selection of off the peg large corner sofas, you can see these by selecting our large corner sofas category page, for each sofa we've provided some summary details including dimensions, the fabric colour they are pictured in and details about optional extras.

When browsing through this selection you should bear in mind that there are a large number of options to customise our large corner sofas these include the option to select any one of them in any of the 75 different fabric colours and textures that we stock.

You should also remember an important point about all of the L shaped large corner sofas that you see there, that is that they are all reversible so that you can choose to have the smallest dimension quoted for each l shape large corner sofa on either the left or the right hand side of the sofa.

Long Right Side

Long Right Corner Sofa

Long Left Side

Long Left Corner Sofa

Design your own large corner sofa

You might think that designing and ordering your own large corner sofa will be expensive and that delivery will take many weeks if not months, well that's certainly not the case at nabru, our design your own corner sofa tool allows you to combine the components that we use to make our off the peg sofas in the combination that works best for you so that you can achieve the size and style of big corner sofa that's perfect for you and your home.

The tool allows you to create hundreds of different combinations of the parts that go into making up our corner sofas and this flexibility means that you can usually design a large corner sofa that's almost exactly the size that you require it to be give or take 10cm or so.

Now the bit about waiting weeks and weeks for delivery? Forget that! All of our design your own sofas are available for next working day delivery.

We really urge you to give our design your own large corner sofa tool a spin, it really is very simple and intuitive to use and you'll be delighted when you create a corner sofa that's perfect for you, your family and your home.

Next day sofa delivery
Top Tip:
Use our design your own sofa tool to create a large corner sofa that's right for you both in terms of size and style.

Add in an extension seat

If you are in the market for a very big corner sofa then chances are you have a very big room or space to fill, if that's the case you may well want to go the extra mile with your corner sofa and add in some of our extension seats, in general we've found that there are two ways that these are best utilised.

Foot rest on long straight sections

If you have a long straight section on your sofa a great way to add a little extra style to it and more importantly to add comfort is to add one or two extension seats along the way, they are perfect for putting your feet up on and kicking back after a long day.
Straight sofa with a chaise

Wraparound U section

Utilising an extension seat at the end of a section on your very big corner sofa gives it the look and feel of a U shaped sofa. All extension seats here at Nabru measure 167cm from the back of the sofa to the edge of the extension. The width can be 57cm (standard seat), 67cm (medium seat), or 86cm (wide seat).
Corner sofa with extended seat
Finally, you will also be pleasantly surprised to discover that the extension seats on our corner sofas do not have to be positioned in a fixed location, if you decide you want to change the look of your sofa then it's easy to relocate your extension seat to another seat of the same size in the future.

Extension seat on right

Corner sofa with extended seat on the right

Swap with another seat

Corner sofa with extended seat in the middle

See all Nabru Extension Seats

Top Tip:
Add an extension seat to your sofa for added comfort and/or to create a U shaped sofa effect.

Make it U Shaped

If you've got a really large space why not flaunt it! You can create your own extra large corner sofa using our U Shape sofa builder tool, the tool offers you a huge amount of choices on how you can combine the modular sofa components that we offer to create an extra large corner sofa that's tailor made to fit your room. Creating a really big corner sofa is not a problem too as with the U shape builder you can create a sofa that measures up to 5 meters in each direction. There's also a large selection of custom options that you can choose from once you've decided on the size that's right for you.
Large U-Shape Sofa

How large could you go?

Are you wondering just how large your corner sofa could be? With the options that we offer then potentially the sky is the limit! Why that's possible may not be immediately obvious to you, so let us explain the various options that you have to create the large corner sofa of your dreams and why size should never be a restriction.

Off the peg large corners

Just select the corner sofa that works for you from our range of off the peg large corner sofas, what could be easier? The biggest corner sofas that you will find here measure just over 3 meters in each dimension so if you are looking for a corner sofa that's bigger or more tailored to your requirement read on...

Design Your Own Large Corner

We've already talked about this in some detail at section 3 above, so suffice it to say that this tool allows you to create a large corner sofa that is tailored to your dimensions in sizes of up to 5 meters in each direction.

Really Big Corner Sofas

Don't think that you are restricted by the size limits of our design your own corner sofa tool, you're not, that's because you can create a combination of our design your own corner sofas and design your own sofas to create a large corner sofa of more or less any dimensions that you'd like.

Combining a sofa and a corner sofa

Corner sofa sitting next too a straight sofa

Combining multiple sofas and corner sofas

Corner sofa sitting next too two straight sofas

Use our Design Your Own sofa tool

Top Tip:
By utilising our design your own corner and sofa builder tools you can create a large corner that's as big as you want.

Incorporate a sofa bed

With a large corner sofa you may well wish to incorporate the optional extra of adding an occasional use sofa bed mechanism which we are sure will prove invaluable when you have guests round to stay, the sofa bed mechanisms that we offer are three fold polypropylene ones with a sprung base and foam mattress, to deploy the sofa bed you just need to lift off the seat cushions and fold out the bed mechanism, we've detailed more information about the sofa bed mechanism sizes that we offer and where a sofa bed needs to be located below.

Sofa Bed Mechanism Sizes

Our sofa bed options come in three different sizes, these are a single bed, a double bed and a large double bed, the single bed fits beneath two small seats or an extra wide seat, the double bed fits beneath two medium seats and our large double bed fits beneath two wide seats or three small seats.

Different Bed Sizes

Where a Sofa Bed can go

Our sofa beds must be located between an arm and a corner section. Of course you may also wish to consider whether a sofa bed is necessary with a large corner sofa, that's because if you lift the back cushions off of your sofa you will reveal the space on the seats which is 80cm deep and, when you lie down on the seats you body will be supported by 7 inches of high density foam which we are confident will lead to a great night's sleep.

See all Nabru large corner sofa beds

Style points for large corner sofas

When you are purchasing a large corner sofa you need to make sure that the style and customisation decisions that you make for your sofa purchase work well with the size of the product, to help you with making these decisions we've detailed below the recommendations that we'd make for you in regard to some of the options that you have for your large corner sofa:

  • Arms - we'd recommend that you select your arm options so that they reflect the scale and size of the sofa that you are buying, thus we'd recommend our low wide arm or high wide arm options as being the best selections here. If you plan to use your large corner sofa in the middle of a room to divide the two sections of the room then we'd recommend using an armless or chaise end on the side of your corner sofa that opens into the room to avoid the closed off feeling that an arm might otherwise create.

Narrow arms

A corner with narrow arms

Curved arms

A sofa with curved arms

Wide arms

A sofa with wide arms

Large and Extra Large Seats

With a large corner sofa we'd recommend that you select the wider seat sizes that we offer wherever possible, we believe that these look much more attractive as the size of the sofa increases.
Wide and Extra wide seat widths


You may wish to consider the addition of piping detail on your sofa, this really sets off the edges of the cushions and will look great on a large corner sofa with large seats. To see more examples of piping visit our gallery page.
Seat cushion with piping

  • Fabric choice - as you are looking to purchase a large corner sofa the chances are that you have a large room to put your sofa in, that being the case you have the opportunity to select a bold or striking fabric colour selection as the scale in such a large room is likely to complement such a selection. If, however, you are purchasing a large sofa because you have a large family you may wish to think more carefully about your fabric choice, a selection that is hard wearing and less likely to show traffic, dirt and stains is likely to be a better selection for you.

Author: Iain Cowsill

Iain is the Managing Director at Nabru. If you have a sofa question, email Iain at service@nabru.co.uk and he'll be happy to help!