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Transform your living space by making a dramatic style statement with a corner sofa that's been designed to fit your home precisely in terms of both size and style!

The sections in this detailed buying guide consider all of the important decisions that you need to make when buying your corner sofa.

Maximise your seating

No doubt one of the most popular sofa choices for living rooms up and down the land is a three seat sofa or failing that a three seat and two seat sofa combo with the sofas arranged on opposing walls, typically with this sort of arrangement you have dead space either side of the sofa or in the corner of the right angle formed by the 2 seat and 3 seat sofas.

You can sometimes use up the dead space with a side table or an ornament but wouldn't it be better to utilise it for additional seating? Yes you say! Well it's this dead space that a corner sofa arrangement is perfect for making the most of, a corner sofa, by its very nature has a corner seat and that of course is an extra space for somebody's bottom but it also can be made to have 3 or 4 or 5 seats in any given direction and so make the very most of the space that you have available for seating in your home or any given room.

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Top Tip

Do a quick sketch of your home with some basic measurements of your room and your existing sofas, by comparing these to the space available you should be able to get a good feel for the extra seating space a corner sofa will give you.

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Where to position it?

So the obvious answer to the question where to position your corner sofa in your room is in the corner! Right? Well as obvious as this may seem it may not necessarily be the answer, we'll explain why...

Positioning your corner sofa in the corner of the room

Obviously, most of the time, this is where your corner sofa is going to be positioned, even so there's still a lot for you to think about such as will you fit it in your room? Will there be enough space to walk around it. Will it obscure any windows or doors? Apart from these there are many more considerations too, we'll cover these questions and many more issues besides in the rest of this article.

Corner of room

Positioning your corner sofa in the middle of your room

This option isn't as crazy as you might think. Corner sofas can work great in the middle of your room or at the side, though this option depends quite a lot on the size and shape of your room and works best if you have a large open plan space - suffice it to say that if you have a large open plan space they are great at breaking up a room and dividing it into functional spaces.A corner sofa in the middle of a room

Middle of room
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Corner sofa shapes

There are two popular shapes of corner sofa available, these are the symmetrical corner sofa shape and the asymmetrical L shape corner sofa. The shape that will work the best for you is largely going to be dictated by the amount of space that you have available in your room and that's a subject that we will discuss next.

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How big should it be?

When you are buying your corner sofa you need to get the right balance between the amount of seating that you have in your room and the amount of space that you have to walk around in your room, there's not much point in having loads of seating space if you can't get in the door!

A lot of corner sofa manufacturers tend to focus on producing and selling 5 seater corner sofas, that is those with a corner seat that has two seats and an arm on either side of it, not so at nabru, we offer a vast range of corner sofas in all shapes and sizes and you can even design your own tailor made corner sofa using our design your own sofa tools, and, we are also really good at offering lots of options for small corner sofas and large corner sofas.

Small corner sofas

We offer a large number of off the peg small corner sofas in all shapes and sizes and a number of options including chaise ends, armless ends and a number of different seat sizes, but when you are looking for a small corner sofa our design your own tool really comes into its own and will help you make the most of that tiny unused and unloved corner in your home, with this tool you can design corner sofas that are as small as 154cm in each direction and which can be increased in size by increments of just 10cm.

Large corner sofas

Of course you might be one of the lucky few that has a huge lounge or family space that they are looking to fill with seating for important family events and social occasions, if that's the case you needn't despair, you don't have to make do with an average sized corner sofa that looks dwarfed in your large lounge, that's because our design your own corner sofa tools will allow you to create a large corner sofas that's tailor made to your space.

The corner sofa design tools allow you to create corner sofas that are as big as 7 meters in each direction that have as many as 13 seats, but your ambitions for your corner sofa don't have to stop there, as by adding in an armless end and an armless sofa your corner sofa can get even bigger.

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Top Tip

Don't end up with a bog standard 5 seater corner sofa that's the same as everybody else's. Create your own custom made corner sofa that's tailor made for your home in terms of both size and style using our design your own corner sofa tools.

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Can you fit it in?

Now that we've finished discussing just how big your corner sofa could be it seems an apt time to discuss the important consideration of how you are going to fit your corner sofa into your home, this can be a tricky one, especially if you have a narrow front door and narrow or windy stairs and the situation isn't made any easier by the fact that corner sofas are normally large and bulky items.

So you are going to need to measure your corner sofa and the obstructions, such as doors and stair cases, that it is likely to face on its way through your home very carefully, there's nothing worse than imagining that brand new corner sofa in pride of place in your home only to discover that it won't get past the right angle in your stairs and you are going to have to send it back. Aargh!

Of course nabru specialise in self assembly corner sofas and all or our sofas come as a kit of parts that you carry into your room and assemble in situ, so you can be certain that you will get one of our corner sofas into your room whatever the access restrictions.

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Top Tip

Be sure to check out our "How to measure your home for a new sofa" guide and then you can be sure that you'll get your new sofa into your home!

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Left Hand or Right Hand

A really popular question for our customer services department goes like this: "Is it a left hand corner sofa or a right hand corner sofa?" Of course whilst the answer to this question might seem completely obvious that isn't necessarily the case.

However, before we answer the question we should point out that this is only ever an issue if your corner sofa is asymmetric or an L shaped corner sofa.

Right, so now to the answer, well the answer is that it depends on your perspective, i.e. are you sitting on your L shape sofa or are you looking at it? It's really important to get this right and you wouldn't believe the confusion and mistakes that this point can cause so our advice to you would be to read all of the information that your sofa retailer provides really carefully, and, if you are still not sure give them a call and discuss it in detail with customer services first so this point is clear in your mind, there's nothing worse than having to send your sofa back or get it modified because it's sticking out the wrong way!

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Open ended or closed

You can really change the look and feel of your sofa by adding a few elements of customisation to it, the most popular ways that nabru offer to make your corner sofa stand out from the crowd are:

Armless end

An armless end is great at opening up your corner sofa and avoiding the "closed off" feeling that an arm might otherwise create, armless ends really come into their own when space is restricted, so you might for example decide to forfeit an arm so that you can fit an extra seat into your room. They are also great when a corner sofa is used as a break between two sections of a room, adding an armless end to this configuration opens up the corner sofa and makes it more inviting for you and your guests.

Armless end

Chaise end

Chaise ends are a great stylish addition to your sofa too, and they are great at opening up your space in just the same way that armless ends do, the major difference to an armless end here is that they are much more open and, when space is at a premium, they might potentially work well below a widow that would otherwise be obscured by the back of your corner sofa, thereby ensuring that you get just a little extra seating space!

Chaise end

Extension seats

Extension seats are hugely popular additions to your sofa or corner sofa and we sell a lot of these at nabru, if you've ever put your weary feet up on a sofa with an extension seat you'd understand exactly why! It can be hugely satisfying to rest your weary legs and lay back on an extension seat, the only issue that this writer finds with them is that they all too often induce sleep...

Combining an extension seat with a corner sofa is also a great way to create a U shaped sofa.

Extension seats
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Corner Sofa Options

Here at nabru we offer you a huge amount of options for customising your corner sofa your choices include 75 different fabric choices in a large range of textures and colours, solid beech feet or an attractive brushed steel finish, different levels of seat comfort, piping detail and arm options, we have discussed the latter in more detail below.

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Top Tip

Take a look at the sofa options section of our website for more information on the options that we offer and ideas on how to design your own sofa at nabru.

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Arm styles

The choice of arm that you make for your corner sofa can make a big difference to the size of the sofa and the style statement that your sofa makes, here at nabru we offer 5 different styles of arms, and if you include the chaise and armless end options which might technically be described as arms this takes the total number of arm options that you can choose from up to 7.

So a little bit more information about the arm options we do offer, these are:

Low Narrow Arms - neat and compact and our most popular arm offering.

Low Wide Arms - low as the name suggests, but also chunky and great for cuddling up against on a cold winter night.

High Narrow Arms and High Wide Arms - taller versions of the above.

Curved Arms - stylish curved arms.

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Corner sofa fabrics

It can be so disappointing to find exactly the style of corner sofa that you are looking for only to discover that you can't get it in a fabric that will suit your room's decor. This leaves you between a rock and a hard place, do you A give up and look for another corner sofa? Or B buy it in a less than perfect colour?

Well the great news is that you'll never have to make a frustrating choice between options A and B when you purchase your corner sofa at nabru, that's because we offer a choice of 75 different fabrics in a huge range of different colours and textures so you are sure to get the combination of the perfect style and colour that you are looking for, we even offer a two tone colour combination option whereby you can combine any two of the 75 different fabrics that we offer on your sofa.

75+ Different Fabrics

75+ Different Fabrics
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Give it a test run!

There are so many things that you can do on the internet these days including buy a sofa! But having said that, and we are online retailers, there's nothing quite like kicking the tyres, so we'd always recommend that if at all possible you get down to your sofa retailer's showroom and give it a good look over and ask a few questions before you buy.

We'd love to see you at Nabru! Our showroom can be found in West London and the address in Unit 7, Sarum Complex, Salisbury Road, Uxbridge, UB8 2RZ.

Give it a test run!
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