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Big Sofa Buying Guide


If you're one of those who believe that, when it comes to sofas, bigger is better, you've come to the right place! Here at Nabru, our extensive range of sofas includes a great selection of larger sofas, we even explain how you can create a custom built large sofa that's as big as you want it to be.

This detailed buying guide tells you all you need to know about buying a bigger sofa.

Why buy a larger sofa?

There are a number of good reasons why you may want a larger model of sofa. Among the most obvious of these is that you may happen to have more living space than most. Or you may also have a good-sized cinema-style or basement room which needs to be furnished with items on a bigger scale. Equally, it may just be that you have a wide extended family or social circle, and love hosting them all.
Or maybe you wish to make a statement with your sofa, and have it as the focal point and key feature of your sitting room, in which case of course it makes sense to go large and invest in an oversized one.

Finally, with bigger models everyone can make themselves comfortable with plenty of room - and if you're using it on your own, you'll be able to stretch out fully and recline in luxury! After all, your living space is where you relax and unwind, so why would you ever want to feel less than totally at ease? Bigger really can be better!

Just how big can you go?

When it comes to bigger sofas, we offer a pretty extensive range, with a great choice of fabrics, colours, styles and an array of customisable features. You can even include a sofa bed so friends or family who stay over have somewhere comfortable to sleep?

Wondering just how big your sofa can be?

There are three answers to that question, firstly, you can select your large sofa from our range of off the peg large sofas or by using our design your own tool, these will allow you to create a large sofa that is up to 3 meters or just over in length, a large sofa like this is big enough to comfortably seat 5 at the same time.

Large Straight Sofa - Up to 3m in width

Large Straight Sofa
A 3 meter sofa isn't big enough for you? Well the second way to create a large sofa, one that's much bigger than 3 meters is to buy two modular sofas, one which has no arm on the left and another which has no arm on the right and position the armless ends flush against each other, forming a single large sectional sofa, with this design, you can create a sofa that's six metres in length.

Two Straight Sofas - Up to 6m in width

Two sofas sitting side by side
Still not long enough for you? If you want to go even longer, there's nothing stopping you from putting three or even four modular sofas together and forming a sofa that's nine or a whopping 12 metres long. Fit in up to 10 seats if you want to! Or why not combine a corner sofa with a straight sofa to go even bigger?

Straight and Corner Sofa - Up to 7.5m in width

Straight sofa sitting next to a corner sofa
So, when people ask how long our sofas can be, we always say - as long as you want them to be!
Top Tip:
If you need help designing a sofa please feel free to contact our service team.

Seat sizes

At Nabru, we offer customers four different sizes of sofa seat, standard, medium, large and extra-large. And in our experience we find that the larger seat sizes are more aesthetically pleasing and popular on large sofas. For example our wide and extra wide seat choices are the most popular of all for larger sofas, the latter is the size of two standard seats.
Wide and Extra Wide seat sizes
With our free, user-friendly design tool, you can play around with the different seat sizes we offer, so you get the model that's best for the space you have available. The design tool use the same components as our of the peg sofas, but allows you to choose the precise combination that works best for you.
Top Tip:
If you want to create maximum seating space why not remove an arm or have the sofa completely armless. We will talk more about armless sofas in the next section.

Armless Sofas

You may not have considered an 'unarmed' sofa before. But a sofa without arms will mean you get a little bit more seating space, or, as mentioned above, the opportunity to put two sofas side by side to create a single unit. So you get more flexibility all round!

You also get more space, which may amount to one extra seat. That could be a real benefit if you like to watch the Saturday night movie as a family, for example. No-one has to perch uncomfortably on the floor! choosing an armless sofa doesn't mean compromising on choice of materials, or custom options so you can make your furniture your own and reflective of your own sense of style.

As ever, you can choose between our off-the-peg models or create your own sofa with our design tool.

One armless sofa

Sofa with one arm

Two armless sofa

Sofa with no arms

See all Nabru Armless Sofas

One armed large sofas

Choose from five different sofa arm types, including narrow, (high and low), wide (high and low) or curved. Equally, there are over 75 choices of fabric, and your sofa arms can have wood or steel feet.
A sofa with just one arm, looking like a chaise longue, could be another way of giving your living space a unique look. But check with your retailer first, and be sure of which way the arm is orientated - it could be based on being stood on front of the sofa, or on sitting down on it. Don't let confusion over this mean you order the wrong model!
One armless sofa
You could use your one-armed sofa model in various ways, for example:

Place the armless end up against a wall

These sofas work well in tighter space, and it's a good way of getting the number of seats you want. Have the armless end flush against a wall and add scatter cushions to soften the look. This gives you the option to sit facing the other side of the room and put your feet up.
Armless sofa against the wall

Keep the division between two spaces open

If you have the end nearest a door or alcove open, not having an arm on that space makes things look much less closed off. This also works well if you have the sofa sticking out in the middle of the room, an armless end sofa will open up the room.
Armless sofa opening up the room

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Invaluable extra storage space

We all have more stuff than ever, and less space in which to keep it. And with all the things we want easy access to in our living areas, from books and CDs to DVDs, not to mention more TV and stereo equipment than ever, if you're not careful it's all too easy for your home to look cluttered.

The solution is to turn your large sofa into a large sofa with storage, with all our sofas, whichever model you have, you can choose to have a storage tray below the seat, for a modest additional cost. This is a particularly handy place, for example, to keep bedding if you have gone for one of our sofa bed options. Or towels, photo albums or anything else that needs to be stored out of sight.

Choose to have a useful tray under a sofa seat - so much cleaner than storing things under the floor below the settee, where dust inevitably gathers. Keep everything neat, tidy and to hand, and reduce the need for expensive out of town storage units.

Storage tray's underneath the seats

See all Storage tray sizes

Top Tip:
When selecting storage trays our website will calculate a price depending on the side of the sofa. You will receive trays for all the seats unless you have a straight sofa bed or chaise seat.

Choose a large sofa bed

Over the lifetime of your sofa, you could have any number of visitors - from descending hordes at Christmas to family visiting at other times of year. Or perhaps you've moved but love keeping in touch with old friends? When all other rooms are in use, the sofa bed is the perfect solution for giving guests somewhere comfortable to sleep.

Most of our big sofas, even the corner models, come with the option to add an easy-to-use three-fold sofa bed mechanism that can be easily pulled out and deployed - in fact, the job can be done in around 60 seconds. A lot of people believe that having a sofa bed will reduce the comfort of the sofa, this is not the case with a Nabru sofa. We have designed a unique base structure which allows the bed to fit in without any contact with the seat foam, our customer feedback is their guests never knew a bed was in the sofa!

When choosing a bigger sofa bed, ensure you still have sufficient room, bearing in mind that there needs to be enough space to pull the sofa bed mechanism out. With our models, the total measurement from the sofa back to the tip of the deployed sofa bed is 235cm.

Creating the sofa you want

We offer a number of options for making your sofa your own, to suit your sense of style and home decor. It's important to us that our customers are able to do this. We mentioned storage earlier, but here are a couple of other options:

Piping - You can choose to have a piped trim on your seat cushions, for a smart finishing touch.

Two-tone option - One colour not enough for you? Or are you finding it hard to choose between two colours? Have the sofa in contrasting hues. Our two-tone fabrics apply to the arms and base of the sofa, and most people like to go for a contrasting darker shade to create more texture with shades in their living space.

Our sofas are extendable - If you want a large sofa with the option to make it bigger or shorter, we have seats that can be extended so you can put your feet up.

Alternatively, split one big sofa into two smaller pieces, and use these to create a superb corner sofa.

Piping detail

A sofa with piped cushions

Two Tone sofa

A two-tone sofa

You can, of course, also choose the shape you want to fit your room. Large sofas come in a variety of styles, and at Nabru we offer:

Large straight sofa

A large straight sofa

Large straight chaise sofa

A large l shape chaise sofa

A big corner sofa

A large corner sofa

Large U Shape Sofa

A large u shape sofa
Finally - giving even more flexibility - all our covers are loose and separately fitted, and can be taken off for care and maintenance. That means you don't have to worry if you get a stain on an arm or seat cover, since it can be removed and cleaned or replaced. That's helpful, particularly, if you have children or pets or if you do a lot of entertaining - drinks can so easily get spilled. Equally, if you have had your sofa for several years, you may want a change of colour scheme, and changing the fabric of your sofa will really help complement, say, a different shade on your walls.
Top Tip:
If you need help or advice on ordering spare parts/extra covers please feel free to contact our service team. If you need to replace a seat cover this can be bought, from as little as £19!

We deliver when we say we will

Understandably, when it comes to placing an order for a bigger sofa, many of our customers wonder how they will get this larger item of furniture into their home. All Nabru sofas, whatever their size, arrive flat pack and are only built once the parts are gathered together, so there won't be any problem getting the product inside.

But don't worry about the self-assembly. You won't need any tools, and the various parts just slot together, so it's all really straightforward. You won't be poring over complicated diagrams all weekend!

Because our sofas are UK-made, we can offer next day delivery, including on those that have been self-designed, so you won't be kept hanging around for your order. That could be vital if you're moving home or expecting guests. Just order by midday the day before.

Finally, if you change your mind about your sofa, that's fine by us. We understand it happens - and your sofa is too important to have one in your home that's less than perfect for you, whatever the reason. Our policy on returns is straightforward, and you can send a sofa back to us free of charge.

Visit our website or give us a call today - you'll be delighted to learn that 'larging it' doesn't mean compromising on style!

Author: Iain Cowsill

Iain is the Managing Director at Nabru. If you have a sofa question, email Iain at service@nabru.co.uk and he'll be happy to help!