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2 Seater Sofa

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Two Seater Sofa Buying Guide

Most households will go for a two seater sofa (or possibly a three seater) or loveseat above all other models. And, once you understand their benefits, it's easy to see why. Here's our buying guide outlining everything you need to know when it comes to choosing and buying your 2 seat sofa.

Why buy two seater sofas?

While there are various reasons for buying 2 seat sofas, perhaps the clearest benefit is that these pieces of furniture save space if this is tight in your home. That extra few square feet could be invaluable in creating additional room for studying, eating or just relaxing, without feeling cramped. One of these models also frees up space for other furniture items you may want, such as a coffee table and bookshelves, and for all your entertainment equipment, CDs and DVDs.
Even if you have a sizeable lounge, a small 2 seat sofa will make the room look bigger. Why not buy two or combine it with a bigger three-seater sofa? That could be great if you have a large family or a lot of guests. If there are just one or two of you at home, a small 2 seat model is ideal since you may simply not need any more seating space.

Different types and sizes of two seater sofas

You'll find an array of 2 seat sofas on the market in varying sizes, and at nabru we have an extensive range, with one or two arms, either on the right or left, or with no arms at all. Choose with two small seats, or go for the slightly bigger Choose with 2.5 seat option, which comfortably seat two people, or three if you budge up a bit!

Another popular option is to choose a large 2 seat sofa with two decently sized cushions so that the sofa looks as though it's for two, but can comfortably seat three people.

We also have varying shapes, heights and widths of arms.

2 small seats

two seater sofa

2 medium seats

large two seater sofa

3 small seats

three seater sofa

2 large seats

large 2 seater sofa for 3 people

Seat sizes on a 2 seat sofa

At nabru we offer four different seat sizes, to suit however much space is available in your home, including standard and medium which tend to be the most popular for those choosing a small 2 seat sofa. But you could also have one extra wide seat - this has the same dimensions as two standard seats.

Our 'design your own' tool (see below) allows you to assess options for seat sizes, so that your sofa is the perfect fit. (Essentially, our design your own tool uses the same components as our off-the-peg models, but you decide their exact combination.)

Our small two seater has, as the name suggests, two small seats and comes in widths of 142cm or 156m wide, depending on which sort of arms you choose, for both of these sofas you will have a seating space of 114cm.

Narrow arms - 142cm

Small 2 seat sofa with narrow arms

Wide arms - 156cm

Small 2 seat sofa with wide arms
The slightly bigger 2.5 seat models with wider medium seats are 162cm or 176cm wide, and 134cm of seating space is offered.

Narrow arms - 162cm

2.5 seat sofa with narrow arms

Wide arms - 176cm

2.5 seat sofa with wide arms
With 2 large seats on your two seater sofa you have a width of 199cm with narrow arms or 213cm with wide arms, and 172cm of seating space, which is more than enough space to accommodate 3 people.

Narrow arms - 199cm

Large 2 seat sofa with narrow arms

Wide arms - 213cm

Large 2 seat sofa with wide arms
Top Tip:
We tend to find that on smaller sofas the narrow or curved arms are more popular.

Armless 2 seat Sofas

Our two seat sofas are also available without arms, which will allow you to maximise seating space, potentially giving you room for one more to fit on the sofa, which could make all the difference.
If you have a model with no arms, our smallest two seater will be 114cm wide. A larger armless model, incorporating 2 of our large seats, will be up to 171cm in width.

2 small seats - 114cm

Small armless 2 seat sofa

2 large seats - 171cm

Large armless 2 seat sofa

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Top Tip:
Having armless sofas gives you the option to place two modular sofas side by side and create one long sofa. This is great if you are entertaining guests or having a night in with the family to watch a movie.

One arm two seat sofa

Your living room could take on an unusual, distinctive feel with this option, but check with the retailer how to order your one armed small sofa, as some sell these sofas with the arm orientation based on being sat upon the sofa, whereas others denote the orientation based on being stood in front of the sofa.

Width for our one arm 2.5 seater sofa is 148cm for a smaller one-armed model, or 7cm more with our wide arm option.

Two of the best ways that we have seen one armed small sofas used in the past are as follows:

The armless end against a wall

these sofas are great if space is at a premium and you don't have enough room for all the seating you want with two arms. So why not just drop one arm, typically the one butting up against a wall, then add scatter cushions to make the most of limited space?
Armless sofa against a wall

Opening up the division between two spaces

another great way to use a one armed two seat sofa is to open up the division between two spaces, for example you could leave the end closest to a door or an alcove open so that you don't get the closed off feeling that an arm could otherwise create.
A armless sofa in the middle of room

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Extra storage when space is tight

If space in your living room is at a premium, you may be struggling with where to put everything. That can be a real headache if you love your books, CDs and DVDs, and have piles of them, or own a lot of entertainment equipment. You'll also no doubt want some shelving, lighting, rugs, tables etc. - the list is endless!

But while you may not have thought of your two seater sofa as a handy storage solution, at nabru we have come up with a potentially cunning answer. Add under seat storage on all our sofa 2 seat models and 2 seat sofa bed products. This gives you somewhere safe to store all those books, photo albums, linen and towels and so on, minimising clutter.

The storage comprises a super useful tray that fits beneath one of the sofa seats and prevents your valuable possessions from ending up directly on the floor and thereby getting grubby. To access the storage, just lift up one of the seats on your two seat sofa and hey presto, there you go! Now you can stock up on all those household essentials without worrying about where to keep them.

Storage tray's underneath the seats

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Choose a 2 seat sofa bed

There are endless occasions when you may need to put up an overnighting guest or two. No available spare bedroom? A two seat sofa bed is the next best way of creating extra sleeping space. Most nabru two seater sofas can be turned into beds this way, giving your guests comfort and privacy for the night.

The easy to use, three-fold mechanism on all models means our sofa beds can be pulled out and put back in their usual space within minutes. That's handy for making up the bed quickly at the end of the evening when your guests just want to get some shut-eye, and giving you back your living space for breakfast or lounging around in the morning.

We have three different sizes of two seat sofa beds. The single fits underneath two standard seats, the double under two medium seats and the large double under two wide ones.

Sofa bed sizes

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Small two seat sofa bed

Our smallest sofa bed is 142cm wide and fits either under two small seats or one extra wide one. The bed is 100cm wide, but to have a width of 142cm, choose our low narrow arms, high narrows or stylish curved arms. With our popular wide arms, sofa width increases to 156cm. These arms come in high and low.
Small 2 seat sofa bed

Medium two seat sofa bed

This double sofa bed is 120cm wide, and can be selected when you have two medium seats. Total width of these seats with two narrow arms is 162cm. Wider arms increase the width to 176cm as picture on the right.
Small double 2 seat sofa bed

Large two seat sofa bed

Our biggest two seat sofa bed is the large double, with a mattress width of 140cm. It fits under two large seats or three small ones. With two narrow arms, width is 199cm. With two wider arms, it rises to 213cm.
Large double sofa bed
Top Tip:
All three above beds can also fit into corner sofas. The same rule applies and the size bed depends on the size and number of seats you have. When measuring your room for a sofa bed, don't forget to measure and make sure you have enough room once the bed is pulled out.

Make your sofa your own

You can create a custom designed two seater sofa that is tailor made for your space using our easy to use design your own sofa tool.

The tool walks you through the choices that you can make with regard to the different seat widths on offer (as mentioned above we have four of these) our selection of over 75 different fabrics and the 5 different styles of arm that we offer, use the design your own tool to keep experimenting until you've created your dream piece of furniture!

At nabru we also offer a range of other personalisation options, for example, a choice of steel or wooden feet, firm or soft seating and piping on any of our two seat sofa models, or, as mentioned above, add storage trays, or plump for a two-tone colouring selection for your sofa if you wish.

75+ different fabrics

two seater sofa fabric options
Top Tip:
We advise all customers to order our free fabric sample pack before ordering, doing this will give you a very good idea to what the fabric looks and feels like. All fabric sample orders are dispatched they next working day on a first class post delivery.

Prompt delivery

Whether you're moving house, upgrading your living room or need a two seat sofa bed for guests imminently, you won't want to hang around for your new 2 seat sofa.

Order from us at nabru and that won't be a problem. All our sofas can be delivered from as soon as the next working day, as long as your order is confirmed by midday the previous day. We offer next day delivery regardless of whether you have selected one of our off the peg sofas or have designed your own custom made two seater sofa. Of course, you don't have to have the sofa delivered the next working day, when you checkout you will be presented with a live calendar and you can choose the date that works best for you on the calendar.

And if you're concerned about how you'll get your order into your home or upstairs, don't be. All our models are flat-packed and don't arrive full-sized but in parts. No tools are needed for the quick, easy, self-assembly, so putting together your nabru furniture is a doddle.

Finally, our free returns policy means you've nothing to lose in the unlikely event of your being less than 100% satisfied with your sofa.

Visit our website or talk to us today. We've been making our self-assembly sofas for over a decade, so we know what we're doing!

Author: Iain Cowsill

Iain is the Managing Director at Nabru. If you have a sofa question, email Iain at service@nabru.co.uk and he'll be happy to help!