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Sofa Options and Information

  • Fabric Option Choose a fabric

    We offer a wide range of fabrics. Please refer to our fabric samples section which includes extensive information on the fabrics that we offer.

  • Sofabed Option Sofa Beds

    Sofabed Mechanisms

    We have designed our sofas to enable most styles to be configured to incorporate a metal action sofa bed mechanism. Simply browse our website to find the size, shape and style of sofa that you would like and choose the sofa bed option within the customize your sofa section on the page (where available).

    Click here to See How the Sofa Bed Opens.

    Single Bed

    Sofabed Mechanisms Single bed

    Double Bed

    Sofabed Mechanisms Double bed

    Large Double Bed

    Sofabed Mechanisms Large Double bed

    Note: our sofa beds are suitable for occasional use.

  • Storage Trays Option Storage

    All of our sofas and corner sofas come with easily accessible space underneath the seats for storage as standard, we also sell made to measure shelves that fit under the seats which means that you don’t have to put your precious items on the floor! The storage spaces are handy for storing bedding (if you have a corner sofa bed) or other items such as CDs, DVDs etc. If you opt for a sofa bed the space that the bed takes up can’t be used as storage

    Storage Storage

  • Seating Type Option Seating type

    Standard Seating - 60 to 70% of customers choose
    Standard seating comprises a firm back cushion for support, a 6 inch soft fibre cushion which you can mould to the shape of your back for comfort and the seat itself comprises 8 inches of high resilient foam for comfort and support. We back up our products with our comfort guarantee so you can be certain you will be happy with them.

    Sofa Seating - Soft Seating - 30 to 40% of customers choose
    Our soft seating option is the same as the standard seating option except that we also use seat webbing.

    Not sure which is for you? That's OK! You can order both and try them out...

    Soft seating

    Soft seating

    Standard seating

    Standard seating

  • Arm Option Arm options

    We offer 5 different styles of arms on our sofas: low narrow, low wide, curved, high narrow and high wide.

    Low Arms - great if you are the sort of person who likes to lounge on your sofa as they offer you somewhere to perch your head whilst watching TV or reading your favourite book.

    Curved Arms - stylish and a great compromise between low and high.

    High Arms - great if you’re looking for a space to cuddle up in as we've found that they make the space feel more enclosed and make the sofa feel like its a little deeper.

    Arm options - Low Narrow/Wide Arms Arm options - Curved High Arms

  • Two Tone Fabric Option Two Tone

    We can make up sofas in a combination of two different fabrics or colours. All you need to do to order a sofa or corner sofa in a contrasting colour is to select the "Two Tone" Colour option (and fabric choice) when you go to check out.

    Two Tone options - Fabric selections Two Tone options - Sofa

  • Orientation Option Orientation options

    Our L Shape corner sofas are reversible. We ask you to choose the initial orientation when you purchase one of our corner sofas, if you want to change it at a later date you will need to reverse the front fascia components and reassemble the sofa - full instructions are supplied.

    L shaped sofas and sofas which are armless or chaise on one of the sides are harder to reverse, to achieve this you will need to purchase additional components.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The back covers for our corner sofas are not reversible, if you are buying a corner sofa with a back cover and you want it to be reversible you will need to buy left and right back cover orientations.

    Orientation options 2x3 Orientation options 3x2
  • Piping Option Piping options

    We can pipe the seat covers and the back cushions for a small additional fee. To add piping to your product just select piping from the options that appear below each product.

    Piping options

  • Fabric Protection Option Fabric protection

    Clearly what you don't want to do is spend lots of money on an expensive fabric protection guarantee when you are buying a self assembly sofa and can add fabric protection yourself for a fraction of the price.

    That's why you can buy Fabric Protector in easy application spray on cans. It's the same material and process that furniture stores use at a fraction of the price.

  • Extension Seat Option Extension Seats

    Small Extension Seat - Ato, Lear, Tor and Orb Models

    You can fit a small extension seat to any of our Ato, Lear, Tor or Orb products, the sofa and sofabed options for an extension seat or already laid out in our sofas section.

    Should you want to fit an extension seat to a corner sofa you just add the relevant extension seat product to your shopping cart at the time you checkout.

    Large Extension Seat - Ula, Sui, Arc, Kai, Koi and Kurv Models

    You can fit a large extension seat to any of our Ula, Sui, Arc, Kai, Koi or Kurv products, the sofa and sofabed options for an extension seat or already laid out in our sofas section.

    Should you want to fit an extension seat to a corner sofa you just add the relevant extension seat product to your shopping cart at the time you checkout.

    Extension Seats options Extension Seats options 2

  • Armless Option Armless options

    Armless options Armless options
  • Chaise Option Chaise options

    Chaise options - Left chaise Chaise options - Right chaise
  • Backcover Option Back Cover

    Back cover
  • Feet Option Feet options

    Wood Option

    Wood Option - Sandy Birch Finish
    The wood feet option comprises solid birch feet which have an attractive lacquered finish.

    Steel Option

    Steel Option - Stainless Brushed Steel
    The steel feet option comprises a brushed stainless steel plate. The steel we use is stainless steel so the feet won't rust in the event of accidents and spills. In addition, if you are concerned about scratches on your nice wooden flooring, don't be worried as the bottom of the legs are not covered in steel, but are comprised of wood to ensure scratches are avoided. However, to be sure and safe we always recommend the use of furniture felt if you are at all concerned about damaging your floor.