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Sui 2X2 Corner Sofa, small corner sofas

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Sui 2X2 Corner Sofa

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Faux Leather Espresso, Wood Feet, H86 X W(204x204) X D96cm, SH47cm, SD58cm

This tiny corner sofa, pictured here in our faux leather fabric, will fit perfectly into the smallest of rooms. Another great use for it is to make the most of a small corner in your home where only this corner sofa will fit due to its small size.


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You chose Faux Leather - Espresso at

  • Customise further below! Lots of options, call 0800 042 0266 for help or build your own

  • Your sofa price before options: £565
  • Feet

    Wood Option

    Wood Option – Solid Birch Feet
    The wood feet option comprises solid birch feet which have an attractive lacquered finish.

    Steel Option

    Steel Option – Brushed Stainless Steel
    The steel feet option comprises a brushed stainless steel plate. The steel we use is stainless steel so the feet won't rust in the event of accidents and spills. In addition, if you are concerned about scratches on your nice wooden flooring, don't be worried as the bottom of the legs are not covered in steel, but are comprised of wood to ensure scratches are avoided. However, to be sure and safe we always recommend the use of furniture felt if you are at all concerned about damaging your floor.

  • Piping


    We can pipe the seat covers and the back cushions for a small additional fee.

    Piping diagram hide
  • Seating Type

    Standard Seating

    Standard Seating - 60 to 70% of customers choose
    Standard seating comprises a firm back cushion for support, a 6 inch soft fibre cushion which you can mould to the shape of your back for comfort and the seat itself comprises 8 inches of high resilient foam for comfort and support. We back up our products with our comfort guarantee so you can be certain you will be happy with them.

    Sofa Seating

    Soft Seating - 30 to 40% of customers choose
    Our soft seating option is the same as the standard seating option except that we also use seat webbing.

    Both - Standard and Soft Seating
    Not sure which option is for you? We can supply you with both types of seating bases which you can swop round at your leisure and work which is most comfortable for you.

  • Storage Trays


    Designed to fit beneath each seat or corner unit, our storage trays enable you to store toys, games, magazines, craft materials or any other household items you’d rather keep out of sight, but not out of mind.

  • Fabric Protection


    Clearly what you don't want to do is spend lots of money on an expensive fabric protection guarantee when you are buying a self assembly sofa and can add fabric protection yourself for a fraction of the price.

    That's why you can buy Scotchgard™ in easy application spray on cans. It's the same material and process that furniture stores use at a fraction of the price!

  • Arms

  • Two Tone Fabric


    We can make up sofas in a combination of two different fabrics or colours. All you need to do to order a sofa or corner sofa in a contrasting colour is to select the "Two Tone" Colour option (and fabric choice) when you go to check out.

    Two Tone fabric diagram
    • Two Tone fabric diagram 'Basic Fabric selection'

      sets seats and back cushion

    • Two Tone fabric diagram 'Two tone Fabric selection'

      sets arms, frame and back colour

  • Extra Covers


    Selecting the extra covers option will produce a set of spare covers with exactly the same configuration as the covers for the sofa which you are buying

    If you select piping for the sofa that you are buying we also assume that you want piping for the extra covers that you are buying and add this cost to the cost of the extra covers

    If you select two tone for your sofa this does not mean that you will receive a two tone combination of colours for your purchase of extra covers, you will receive a complete set of extra covers in the colour that you select.

    If you are interested in a different configuration please contact us or use the extra covers and spare parts sections of our website that allow you to build a set of extra covers to any specification that you require.

  • Quantity


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