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Duo Everyday Double Bed , easy fold mechanism

Velvet - selection of soft touch velvet fabrics

Enzo - deep pile chenille with sparkly highlights

Boucle - soft, thick, dense cloud like fabric

Holland - selection of textured chenille fabrics

Carlton - soft touch velvety chenille

Turin - linen like finish and feel

Max - criss cross weave, soft to touch

Opus - super soft, feels like velvet

Conway - soft jumbo cord

Faux Suede - soft to touch

Jubilee - soft with fine corduroy grain

Lisbon - soft contrasting two tone

Faux Leather - leather look and finish

Regus - soft open weave fabric

Rhodeo - distressed leather look

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Isometric sofa dimensions
Isometric sofa dimensions
The sofa backs are filled with foam which has been wrapped in a soft fibre dacron layer which is a bit like cotton wool. The seat cushions are made of a combination of foam and dacron too and are supported by the sofa bed mechanism. The backs and seats are held in place with velcro strapping and zips. The arms, back and front of the sofa all have soft foam padding so that they are nice and comfy.

Every Nabru sofa can be easily assembled without tools but life is easier when somebody else does the work for you! We can deliver and assemble on any date you choose in these post codes.

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Duo Large Double Sofa Bed - 4 Seat Everday Sofa Bed

Our Duo Large Double Sofa Bed features a large sofa bed measuring 163cm across. That's bigger than a Queen sized mattress and just a little bit smaller than an Olympic Queen mattress which quite simply means it's pretty huge. It's not contrained on length either as it measures a whole 200cm long. So take the time to imagine the comfortable night's sleep that you and your partner will enjoy in the generously proportioned bed that this large sofa bed features!

Clearly size alone is nothing without comfort and the large Duo double sofa bed soesn't disappoint there either, it features a comfortable 12cm deep sprung mattress which is itself supported on a base that comprises a combination of wooden slats and elasticated webbing.

Setting up our Duo range of sofa beds for the night couldn't be easier, all you have to do is reach between the back cushions and pull back the bar between them, this enables the bed to unfold in one easy action, there's also no need to remove the back and seat cushions before you unfurl the bed as these can remain fixed in place and are tucked under the bed when it's pulled out, obviously turning it back into a sofa is just the same process in reverse.

And if you're looking for a sofa that can seat a lot of people that's where the Duo sofa bed comes in handy too, the sofa is big enough to seat 4 people at the same time.

The large Duo sofa bed is delivered as a kit of parts that you can easily assemble yourself, the back, front and arms are all fitted with bayonet fittings that just slot into the sofa bed mechanism and when you've completed that part of the process just fit the back and seat cushions which velcro onto the back and seat bars on the mechanism and you're ready to go, of course if assembly isn't your thing you can always take advantage of our assembly service.


Duo 2 Large Double Bed

Kadee Bee
about 1 year ago
A bit upright, not for lounging, but good quality and great bed size.
about 1 year ago
Great sofa and super easy to assemble
Nicky - Reading
over 2 years ago
So easy to use and comfortable mattress. Great design where the cushions stay attached to the frame when in bed format so you don’t need to thaw them off and then find somewhere to put them. Also great to find something that can fit up the stairs to a loft room
Bed Dimensions

Large Double Sofa Bed

Large Double Sofa Bed Dimensions

How the Sofa Bed Opens

How the Sofa Bed Opens Assembly

The sofa bed can easily be deployed by pulling the mechanism from the space between the two back cushions. The mechanism pulls out in three easy movements as shown in the video above. There is no need to remove the back cushions or seats, they can stay in place as the mechanism is pulled out. The bed is suitable for everyday use and comprises of a 12cm sprung mattress which is supported by a combination of wood slats and elasticated strapping.

Bed Action

3 Custom Options
including feet, piping and comfort



We can pipe the seat covers and the back cushions for a small additional fee.

Piping diagram hide

Fabric Protection


Clearly what you don't want to do is spend lots of money on an expensive fabric protection guarantee when you are buying a self assembly sofa and can add fabric protection yourself for a fraction of the price.

That's why you can buy Fabric Protector in easy application spray on cans. It's the same material and process that furniture stores use at a fraction of the price!


Two Tone Fabric


We can make up sofas in a combination of two different fabrics or colours. All you need to do to order a sofa or corner sofa in a contrasting colour is to select the "Two Tone" Colour option (and fabric choice) when you go to check out.

Two Tone fabric diagram
  • Two Tone fabric diagram 'Basic Fabric selection'

    sets seats and back cushion

  • Two Tone fabric diagram 'Two tone Fabric selection'

    sets arms, frame and back colour

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