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What is the Nordic trend?

There is no doubt that Scandinavia is in vogue at the moment. From hot imports in the fields of television and fashion to the huge popularity of Reykjavik, Stockholm and Copenhagen as holiday destinations, British interest in Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark has never been higher. This extends to interior design as well.

With a reputation for a minimalistic, stylish aesthetic, Nordic is a trend making waves in homes throughout the UK due to the ease with which it can be adopted by any living space. While some might consider it a little tame for their tastes, there are plenty of ways you can add excitement if you wish. Ultimately, this is a timeless, chic way to decorate your home that is simple to.

What are the key features of the Nordic trend?


Scandinavian nations have a strong heritage when it comes to classic, understated furniture designs. For instance, chairs including the Egg, Tulip and Ball were designed by Scandinavians and are now considered classic designs which have been much copied in the decades since. Combining comfort with a visual flair that prioritises simplicity and understatement, no Nordic-inspired home will be complete without a Scandi-influenced sofa or table and chairs.


Well-chosen pops of colour can have a galvanising effect on an otherwise muted room. The Scandinavians know this and tend to favour blue as their accent colour of choice, though some opt for yellow amidst the greys and whites that tend to comprise the majority of their rooms. Rugs and picture frames, for instance, are perfect for injecting some eye-catching visuals into a space. It’s important to be selective.


Minimalism and a clean line aesthetic is the embodiment of Scandinavian interior style. This is not a style that works well with clutter, so you’ll either have to be someone who clears the room out every week or who doesn’t pick up clutter to start with. While you can play with texture to an extent, you should be thinking more along the lines of exposed painted floorboards than fluffy cushions (though that in itself might create a nice contrast).

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