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Modern Jungle

What is the modern jungle trend?

As the year turns to summer, one trend that tends to revive itself around this time, both in clothing and in interior design, is the modern jungle/tropical trend. Originating out of homeowners’ desires to stay connected to the natural world while living in cities and towns that may lack the greenery they enjoy, the modern jungle trend takes jungle motifs and colours and adapts them for decorative use within the home. While the style can be expressed in the different shades you use from your bedroom to your living room, it can also be expressed more overtly in the form of prints, patterns and accessories.

Utilising the modern jungle trend within your home will offer a dramatic, vibrant look to any room you choose to introduce it to. While darkness and a feeling of claustrophobia can be a concern for homeowners, you can overcome that by carefully selecting your accessories and colour shades.

What are the key features of modern jungle?


Jungles are predominantly green, and that should inform the colour scheme you opt for within your home. Greens of varying shades can be used with everything from the sofa to the wallpaper – the more shades you can use, the more interesting the final effect will be. For instance, why not try light green cushions against a dark green sofa?

Additionally, you can try contrasting the green with browns or even copper shades that stand out and add depth to the room. This is best done by purchasing accessories like tables, chairs, cushions and curtains that will help to stand out against a darker background and make the room lighter and more attractive in a visual sense.


Prints are a fantastic way of improving the visual side of the modern jungle trend. While visual interest can be created by contrasting different shades of the same colour, as we have seen above, prints have a positive, interesting effect in a more overt way. For example, you might utilise palm leaf prints on cushions or as a climbing wallpaper pattern.

If you’re very bold and want to create a truly eclectic look, you can mix up your prints throughout the room – make sure they all work together, rather than against each other, and you should be able to create a truly original urban jungle room.


Given the trend is inspired by outside, natural products will fit in perfectly as far as the overall theme is concerned. Bamboo furniture, for example, lends an exotic edge to a living room, while plants with long fronds like dracaenas or spider plants help to create the feeling that you’re actually in a jungle without losing the comforts of home. Additionally, natural products ensure that there is a variation in texture throughout the room – this is an important aspect of pulling together a décor theme, though we may not realise it.

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