Flat Pack Corner Sofas

In sizes small to very large

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price: 1200-1399
colour: Grey
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lear 3x3 corner

Velvet - Putty 185cm
from £1,224

ato 3x3 corner

Velvet - Grey 461cm
from £1,238

orb 3x3 corner

Lisbon - Silver 175cm
from £1,254

tor 3x3 corner

Holland - Pewter 165cm
from £1,220

xan 2x2 corner

Velvet - Grey 100cm
from £1,202

xia 2x2 corner

Lisbon - Silver 63cm
from £1,216

xuxu 2x2 corner

Holland - Pewter 32cm
from £1,232

lear 4x2 corner

Holland - Pewter 154cm
from £1,233

ato 4x2 corner

Lisbon - Grey 206cm
from £1,247

orb 4x2 corner

Lisbon - Grey 115cm
from £1,263

tor 4x2 corner

Conway - Silver 48cm
from £1,231

alda armless 3x3 corner

Velvet - Grey 234cm
from £1,257

alda 3x3 corner

Rhodeo - Grey 164cm
from £1,304

sker 3x3 corner

Lisbon - Silver 222cm
from £1,318

holl 3x3 corner

Rhodeo - Grey 55cm
from £1,334

alda armless 4x2 corner

Enzo - Pewter 134cm
from £1,272

alda 4x2 corner

Velvet - Silver 54cm
from £1,319

sker 4x2 corner

Velvet - Silver 62cm
from £1,333

ula armless 3x2 corner

Velvet - Grey 135cm
from £1,206

ula 3x2 corner

Velvet - Putty 107cm
from £1,253

sui 3x2 corner

Holland - Pewter 177cm
from £1,267

arc 3x2 corner

Rhodeo - Grey 51cm
from £1,283

koi 3x2 corner

Velvet - Grey 105cm
from £1,345

kai 3x2 corner

Velvet - Silver 131cm
from £1,359

kurv 3x2 corner

Enzo - Silver 32cm
from £1,375

lear 4x3 corner

Velvet - Grey 281cm
from £1,398

lear armless 4x3 corner

Conway - Silver 142cm
from £1,351

lear chaise 4x3 corner

Lisbon - Grey 361cm
from £1,332

tor 4x3 corner

Conway - Silver 83cm
from £1,393

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