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Small Sofa Buying Guide


Here at nabru we genuinely believe in the often coined phrase that small is beautiful and that's certainly true when it comes to our extensive range of small sofas, this detailed buying guide considers everything you need to know when it comes to purchasing a small sofa.

Why buy a small sofa?

The most obvious reason for buying a small sofa is that you only have a small space or small lounge and so you only have enough space to fit a small sofa.
Alternatively, you may have a little more space but you don't want to take it all up with seating, instead you want to reserve the valuable space that you do have for other uses, examples might be a dining area, study area or a child play area - that's where a smaller sized sofa can really come into its own, helping to create a roomier living space for you to spend your time in. A larger model could make a small sitting room look even tinier.

Equally, if you are creating a spot for seating in a basement, or perhaps a loft conversion, again it makes sense to be as economical with space as you possibly can with a small sofa. At the same time, these items of furniture are ideal for making a lovely spot where you can unwind with a drink and a book in front of a bay window.

Additionally, a smaller sofa can be very useful if you are the sort of household that likes to entertain a lot, or has a large extended family, with frequent visitors. An occasional use small sofas is a great way of ensuring that all your guests always have somewhere to sit down comfortably. Small really can be beautiful!

Sofa width - 142cm

A small sofa with narrow arms

Sofa width - 156cm

A small sofa with wider arms

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Top Tip:
To create more seating space on a small two seat sofa you can remove one or both arms.

How small can it be?

When it comes to small sofas, our selection is pretty extensive, giving you a great choice of fabrics, styles and colours. There's also the opportunity to add optional extra storage beneath your small sofa which is bound to be invaluable when space is tight, or an even better option might be to add a sofa bed mechanism so you have an extra bed when you have friends or family over to stay.

And with our money-back guarantee, you can't lose. We're so sure you'll love your order that we'll change your seating product or offer you a refund if you're not sitting comfortably - meaning you can shop with us with complete confidence.

To get down to brass tacks, our smallest model measures 114cm across on a model with no arms, or if you go for our narrowest arms on both sides of the sofa (you can select an arm on just one side) the width we offer is 142cm, of course an alternative here if space is really tight is to go for a wide seat armchair which measures just 114cm across, the standard depth on all our sofas is 97cm.

With arms - 142cm

A small sofa with two arms

Without arms - 114cm

A small sofa with no arms

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Seat sizes

Clearly, this is a vital consideration when choosing your sofa, and at nabru we can help you to decide. We give you the choice of four different seat sizes, which you can play around with before you make your choice, and depending on the amount of space you have available.

We also have a 'design your own' tool which you can use to look at different options of seat sizes, so that you get a sofa which fits the space you want to have it in. (Essentially, our design your own tool uses the same components as our off-the-peg sofas, but you get to decide their exact combination, so get building!)

For a smaller sofa, popular seat sizes are the standard and medium seat widths. However, we do offer an alternative, which is to have one extra wide seat - this is the same measurement as two standard seats.

Armless Sofas

Of course, most of us think of sofas as furniture items which typically come with two arms - but it doesn't have to be that way! At nabru, our smaller two seat sofas and three-seater sofas can be supplied without arms at all, which will free up a little bit more in the way of additional seating space.

The ability to drop the arms on your sofa really comes into its own when space is tight as it means that you can utilise all the available space that you have for seating and not lose the valuable space that would otherwise be taken up by the arms, typically this can result in you fitting in an extra seating space on your small armless sofa, that might mean that mum or dad get a slot on the family sofa when your favourite drama comes on the TV, a definite improvement to being perched on the floor or a bean bag!

Even though you might not have arms on your sofa there is still a strong selection of fabrics and custom options available for your sofa so that you can make it unique to your home and personal sense of style. It's also worth remembering that you can buy one of our sofas off the peg, or use our online design tool to create your own bespoke piece of furniture.

One arm small sofas

A one-armed sofa could be another option to give your living room an unusual, distinctive feel, giving the appearance of a chaise longue. If you decide to go for this option, carefully check with the retailer which way to order your one armed small sofa, as some companies sell these sofas with the arm orientation based on being sat upon the sofa whereas others denote the orientation based on being stood in front of the sofa, it would be a real shame if you had to send your new sofa back and wait several weeks for another sofa over confusion about the arm orientation!

Two of the best ways that we have seen one armed small sofas used in the past are as follows:

The armless end against a wall

These sofas work really well when space is limited and you just don't have enough space to get all of the seats on your sofa that you want and two arms, instead what many customers do is drop an arm, usually the one that buts up against a wall and soften that side of the sofa up with a couple of scatter cushions thereby making the most of a small or limited amount of space.
A armless sofa against the wall

Opening up the division between two spaces

Another great way to utilise a one armless sofa is to open up the division between two spaces, for example you may wish to leave the end which is closest to a door or an alcove open so that you don't get the closed off feeling that an arm might otherwise create.

At nabru, we have no fewer than five different types of sofa arms on offer and all of these are available in one of our selection of 80 different fabric choices, you can also choose between steel and wooden feet for your sofa arms.

Armless sofa opening up the room
Top Tip:
If at a later date you would like to add or remove arms, this is possible. Please contact our service team.

Extra storage when space is tight

If, as is the case for many of us these days, the living room in your home is less than palatial, you may be faced with less storage than would be ideal. That can be a headache if you own a lot of books, CDs and DVDs, or have a lot of entertainment equipment, such as stereos, TVs, DVD players and the like. You'll no doubt want some shelving, lighting, rugs, tables and so on - and before you know it, you can run out of space quite easily.

Happily, while you may not have thought of your small sofa as an obvious storage solution, at nabru we have what is potentially a very handy answer. You can always choose to have additional under seat storage on all our models. This provides a very handy place to keep books, photo albums, linen and towels, or anything else that needs to be stored away so that it's not cluttering the place up.

The storage itself is comprised of a handy tray that fits beneath one of the sofa seats, the tray prevents your valuable possessions from ending up directly on the floor and thereby getting dusty and dirty, to access the storage in day to day use you just need to lift up one of the seats on your small sofa and hey presto there's the handy storage space! It's time to go to town with all those household items that you couldn't do with out...

Storage tray's underneath the seats

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Choose a small sofa bed

Christmases, visiting family and friends who live so far away they need to stay over, a colleague who needs overnight accommodation - there are endless occasions when you may need to put someone up for a night or two. If you don't have a spare room, or if that's already being used, or doesn't have a bed in it, a small sofa bed is the ideal way to create additional sleeping space.

Most nabru small sofas can be converted into beds this way, so that your guests have somewhere to spend the night in comfort and privacy.

Clearly, you also need to be able to pull out and make up the bed easily, so that your guests can retire as quickly as possible, and so that you have your living space back again without delay in the morning. With our small sofas, the user-friendly, three-fold mechanism on all models means our sofa beds can be pulled out and put back in their usual space within minutes.

One thing to bear in mind when choosing a small sofa bed for a small space is to make sure that you still have enough room, even after the bed is pulled out. With our models, the total width from the back of the sofa to the end of the bed is 235cm, so bear this in mind before you order.

Make your sofa your own

At Nabru, we know that for many of our customers, when investing in a bigger purchase like a sofa, it's important to be able to customise their small settee so that it suits the style of their living room. So we let you do that, with a range of options for making your model your own.
For example, you can choose to change the feet, seat comfort and piping on any of our models, while you also have the option, as mentioned above, to add storage trays, and to go for a two-tone colouring if you wish.

Feet type

A sofa with wooden feet

75+ different fabrics

Sofa fabric options

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Top Tip:
To get a good idea about fabrics and which will look great in your room, we advise you to order our free fabric sample pack. This can be ordered through our website and posted out the next working day.

Prompt delivery

We recognise that, whether you're moving house, upgrading your living room or are in need of a sofa bed for guests you're expecting to welcome soon, you won't want to hang around for your new small sofa.

Order from us at nabru and you won't have to. All our sofas are available to be delivered on the next day, provided that you have placed your order by midday the day before. What's more, that pledge even applies to sofas which our customers have personalised or designed themselves.

Visit our website or talk to us today, and you'll soon realise that going small for your sofa doesn't have to mean compromising on style.

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Author: Iain Cowsill

Iain is the Managing Director at Nabru. If you have a sofa question, email Iain at service@nabru.co.uk and he'll be happy to help!