Do you need a small corner sofa to make the most of that unloved and underutilised small corner in your home? Then your search is over, nabru are really very good at making and delivering small corner sofas to very fast timescales and this detailed buying guide will take you through everything you need to know about our small corner sofas.

How small can a small corner sofa be?

Do you have a really challenging small corner in your home that you are looking for a small corner sofa to go into and are wondering just how small one of our corner sofas can be? Well the quick answer here is that they can be as small as 154cm in each direction, that's pretty small, and these dimensions are likely to be perfect for all but the most challenging of small spaces in your home.

Of course we don't just make corner sofas that measure 154cm in each direction, using our design your own sofa tools you can create a small corner sofa that is tailor made to the small corner space that you have in your home, how does that work you might ask?

Well the best way for you to learn would be to click on the link to our design your own sofa tool and start designing, the tool is very intuitive and you will most likely find that you have created a small corner sofa that's tailor made for your home in no time, however, if you don't have time to start designing right away a quick explanation would be that by combining the various modular components that create our sofas you can very roughly increase the size of your small corner sofa in increments of 10cm or so at a time up from the 154cm that we have detailed above which means that you can create a sofa that's designed to fit that small nook or cranny in your home.

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Why are you buying a small corner sofa?

Before we talk in more detail about the facets of our small corner sofas it's important to consider exactly what your reasons for buying a small corner sofa are, oftentimes when we discuss the motivation for their desire to purchase with potential customers they tell us that they'd like to purchase a bigger sofa but that they can only fit a small corner sofa into their home because of access restrictions.

Of course this scenario doesn't cover all of our customers but if you recognise yourself here you can dispel those concerns right away and purchase a much bigger corner sofa if that's what you really want!

That's because all nabru sofas come as self assembly sofa kits that you carry into your home in pieces and assemble in situ, but they look and feel just like traditional sofas, that means that access restrictions are a thing of the past and that you are guaranteed to get your sofa into your home, so stop compromising and buy a bigger sofa.

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Mixing seat styles

Oftentimes our customers have irregular or asymmetric corners that they are looking for a small corner sofa to go into, customers will call us and advise that they have a left hand dimension of 170cm and a right hand dimension of 190cm and ask what combination of components will give them those dimensions or as close to them as possible.

When you have dimensions like this you need to mix and match the seat styles that you use to make up your small corner sofa, so for example you might choose to have a low narrow arm and a standard seat on the left hand side of your corner sofa and a wide seat on the right hand side of your corner sofa, these components will give you measurements of 168cm by 183cm which are very close to those that our hypothetical customer specified.

We've just detailed two of the seat styles that we offer in the example above, however in practice, you can choose from 5 different seat sizes and 5 different arm styles which can be further complemented by custom options such as chaise ends, extension seats and armless ends.

The best way for you to understand how this works in practice is to utilise our design your own sofa tool that enables you to combine all of the components that we offer to create the design that will best fit and utilise your space.

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Top Tip

When you are talking about left hand or right hand dimensions for the small corner sofa that you'd ideally like it's really important to specify whether you are sitting on the sofa or looking at the sofa, otherwise left becomes right and vice versa!

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Chaise and armless ends

When space is tight, which it often is if you are looking for a small corner sofa, our chaise end and armless end options really come into their own. Our armless ends allow you to drop an arm on any of the seat styles that we offer, this can be invaluable if you don't want to lose the valuable seating space that would otherwise be taken up by an arm.

Our armless end options are also invaluable when it comes to designing a small corner sofa that's tailored to your space, by using combinations of armless ends, arms and different seat styles you can increment the size of our small corner sofas in roughly 10cm increments and thus match your space exactly.

Corner armless sofa

Chaise ends are also invaluable as with these you can add an extra seat that doesn't have a back, when space is really tight these can be invaluable, that's because they can be positioned in front of a window without obscuring it, thereby ensuring that you have some valuable additional occasional use seating space.

Corner chaise sofa
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When space is tight storage counts

If you are looking to purchase a small corner sofa for your home then chances are that space in your home is a challenge and that any additional space that you can squeeze out for storage is likely to be invaluable.

That's where nabru small corner sofas come with a huge bonus, on all of our sofas the seats lift up and you can use the space underneath for additional storage space in your home, now you might be concerned about putting your valuable possessions directly onto the floor? After all you don't want them to get dusty and dirty. That's where our handy range of storage trays come into their own.

Storage tray

Our storage trays are very reasonably priced starting at just £6 for an individual standard seat storage tray, they have been designed to slot into the space underneath a seat and create an enclosed box, thereby ensuring your possessions are protected from dust and dirt.

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Top Tip

If you are interested in taking up our storage tray option you don't need to concern yourself with which storage trays are the right size for your sofa, just select the storage tray option in the customise and buy section and storage will automatically be added in the correct sizes for your whole sofa.

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Could you fit a bed in?

You might be surprised to discover that it's possible to add a bed to your small corner sofa, thereby creating some invaluable extra sleeping space for you and your family. The bed option that's most likely to work when space is tight is our single sofa bed option which measures just 100cm across, our single sofa bed will fit beneath either of an extra wide seat or two standard seats which means that the entire width of the section that incorporates the sofa bed, an arm and the corner section will be 225cm.

The single sofa bed option comprises a fold out metal action sofa bed which has a sprung polypropylene base and a foam mattress which is covered with a mattress protector, to access the sofa bed all you have to do is lift off the seats that rest on top of the sofa bed mechanism (these can be used to create a handy headboard by dropping them into the space at the back of the sofa bed mechanism) and pull out the sofa bed mechanism which unfolds in 3 easy steps.

Corner Sofa Bed

Then all you need to do is add your bedding and your good to go.

Corner Sofa Bed Dimensions
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Top Tip

Store the occasional use bedding that you plan to use with your sofa bed underneath the seats which aren't used to stow the sofa bed, that way you gain some valuable additional space in your home.

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Style considerations

When you are ordering a compact corner sofa you need to remember that by its very nature your corner sofa is going to be small and that small things look better when they are in proportion! So when it comes to style decisions and choosing options to customise your small corner sofa think in proportion to its size, to help we've summarised some of the recommendations that we'd advise against the choices that you could make below:

Arm style and size - we'd recommend that you choose from our narrow range of arms, for example our low narrow arms and curved arms would be good choices, you might also wish to consider adding an armless or chaise end to the sofa to open up one end, if the corner sofa is very small it will look strange if it has arms on both ends

Seat size - it's likely that our small seat sizes will work best with small corner sofas

Fabric choice - we'd recommend that you avoid strong colours as these are likely to be too much for a small corner sofa to pull off, instead you should select a neutral fabric choice

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How to customise

Don't think that because you are buying a small corner sofa you are going to be restricted on the opportunities that you have to customise your sofa, that's not the case at all, here at nabru we offer a large number of ways that you can make your small corner sofa unique so that it's a reflection of your own special personality, these include 75 different fabric colours and textures, steel or wooden feet choices, firm or soft seating and finally, amongst many others that we haven't detailed here the opportunity to add piping detail.

We really recommend that you take the opportunity to open up our design your own sofa tool and create a small corner sofa that fits your home perfectly both in terms of size and your own sense of personal style.

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