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Are you struggling to get a nice big comfy sofa into your home? Is that because of restricted access issues such as a narrow doorway or hallway or a tight turn into your lounge? Maybe you live in a flat up several flights of stairs or perhaps your lounge is located on the second floor of your home?

These are just a few of the reasons why you might be having trouble getting hold of the sofa that you want for your home, but with so many years of experience in this field we've found that it almost always comes down to restricted access issues which mean that you have to make a compromise, we've found all sorts of compromises over the years including deck chairs in the lounge, bean bags instead of sofas and building your own sofa from packing crates to mention but a few!

The great news is that now that you've found Nabru and our range of self assembly sofas you no longer have to compromise! The rest of this guide answers many of the common questions that we've found that our customers have about self assembly sofas over the years.

Biggest part

One of the first questions that customers ask when they call our customer service centre is what is the biggest part when one of your sofa kits is delivered? Clearly they are worried that when the self assembly sofa kit arrives the individual parts of the kit will be too big to fit into the restricted access constraints that they have in their home.

Worry no more! The biggest individual part in one of our self assembly sofa kits is always an arm or the sofa bed mechanism (if you've selected a sofa bed) and our rule of thumb is that as long as you can get into the space that you want the sofa to fit into then one of our sofas will fit into the space too.

In practice we've delivered our sofas to just about every conceivable difficult to access space that there is including up spiral staircases, through loft hatches and into narrow boats and have never encountered a problem with restricted access constraints.

The Parts for a Sofa

A picture detailing the parts that comprise one of our sofas
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Our rule of thumb is that if you can fit into the room where you want your sofa to go then one of our sofas will easily fit in too, be that through a loft hatch, up a spiral staircase or down into a basement.

How big?

Now that you know that you're guaranteed to fit a sofa into your home your next question is bound to be how big the sofa can be? Well there really are no restrictions here. The sofa can be as big as you want it to be as all of our sofa kits are modular in construction and as previously the biggest individual part is always an arm or the sofa bed mechanism and the parts don't get any bigger as you scale the size of the sofa up.

So to some extent the size of your sofa is only limited by the size of your imagination (or maybe the room that you want it to fit into!) and you could have a really long sofa, a large corner sofa or even a U shape sofa if you've got the space for them in your home you can start off by designing one long continuous unit single sofa and if this isn't big enough for your needs you can additional sofa units with one or more armless ends so that the sofa is as big as you want it to be.

How Big One of Our Self Assembly Sofas Can Be

You can design a sofa as big as you want using our sofa designer tools

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Easy assembly

Of course you are also going to be concerned by how difficult the assembly process for your self assembly sofa might be? Well it really is very simple! You don't believe us? Honest it is! All of our sofas are delivered as a kit of self assembly sofa parts and to assemble the sofa all that you need to do is slot together the parts and fit the cushions.

Typically it will take around 45mins to an hour to assemble a sofa and maybe as much as 2 hours to assemble a large corner sofa.

The best way for you to understand what's involved in the assembly process is to watch our video that shows one of our sofas being assembled by our team of sofa assembly experts.

See How Easily You Can Assemble a Nabru Sofa

This video lasts 1 minute and shows how easily a Nabru sofa can be assembled

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Assembly service

Of course if sofa assembly is not exactly your cup of tea the good news is that one of our friendly drivers will assemble your sofa for you at the same time that they deliver the sofa for a small additional fee. They will also take away any packaging. Typically the delivery and assembly will take around an hour or under to complete.

We only deliver and assemble in the South East, the map below details the locations where we can deliver and assemble.

The Locations Where We Deliver and Assemble Our Sofas

This map details all the locations where we deliver and assemble our sofas
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All of our sofas are easy to assemble without the need for tools, the section above titled "Easy assembly" shows just how easy it is to assemble a Nabru sofa.

Replacement parts

All of our sofas are comprised of kits and we can supply a complete set of spare parts for all of our sofas, so if you have a little mishap or if you've had your sofa for a number of years and it needs a little bit of a spruce up we can help! And even better, a little mishap won't mean that you will need to fork out for a whole new sofa, just a few pounds to remedy the ill!

Our website has a full spare part ordering system but if you don't have detailed familiarity with the product the spare part ordering system can be a little daunting, but don't be concerned by that, if you give us a call or email us with the details of your original order and the parts that you'd like to order we will send over a quote to you with a link that will automatically add the parts that you need to your basket so that you can purchase them.

We Stock A Full Range of Spare Parts for All Our Sofas

Picture Showing A Selection of Spare Parts for Nabru Sofas
Top Tip:
Ordering spare parts for your Nabru sofa can be difficult if you don't have an intimate knowledge of our product, however, there's no need to get confused by our spare parts ordering system, just call 0800 042 0266 or send an email to and we'll be happy to help you to order the spare parts that you need for your sofa.

Extra covers

Likewise you can purchase a full set of extra covers for all of our self assembly sofas, you might want to purchase some new covers if the old covers are looking tired or worn, or perhaps your existing sofa covers have been damaged.

We also have a lot of customers who purchase an extra set of covers so that they can change the look of their sofa with a summer set of covers in a light and airy fabric and a winter set of covers in a warm comforting fabric.

The Nabru website has a full spare cover ordering system and is available to anybody that has access to the website, however if you are not intimately acquainted with our products you might find it a little complicated to navigate.

Should you wish to order some spare covers the best way forward is normally to send us an email or give us a call and provide us with details of the new covers that you want, we can then email you a quote for the covers together with a link that will add the new covers to your basket so that you can purchase them.

We Stock A Full Range of Extra Covers for All of Our Sofas

Picture Showing a Set of Spare Covers for a Nabru Sofa

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When I move

Another great feature with Nabru's range of self assembly sofas is that as they slot together when you assemble them it is just as easy to disassemble one of our sofas when you want to change its location in your home or when you want to move home.

What's it made from

A lot of customers want to know what materials we use to construct our sofas. The frames of our sofas are designed from 18mm MDF which is machined on CNC routers to very precise tolerances so that all of the parts of the sofa frames will slot together to create a strong sturdy frame when you assemble the sofa.

The seats are made from high density high resilient foam which has been chosen to stand the test of time and the back cushions are made from hollow fill fibre which is soft and compliant and can be plumped and moulded to suit your comfort.

The whole sofa is covered in any one of 75+ different fabric choices which you can choose for your sofa along with piping detail and two tone colour combinations for next day delivery.

How comfortable

Obviously a self assembly sofa is a new concept for many people and as with anything that's new some people have their reservations and one obvious reservation is will the sofa be comfortable or not?

The short answer is yes it will! Our sofas are very comfortable. How can we be so sure?

We are so sure that our sofas are comfortable and that you will be happy with your purchase from Nabru that we offer a "comfort guarantee" whereby if for any reason you are unhappy with the comfort of your purchase from Nabru within 14 days of your purchase you can send it back to us for free.

And finally, we offer two different levels of seat comfort, soft and firm, (and you can test both) so that you can be sure that you have the comfort level that's right for you.

All Nabru Sofas Are Guaranteed to be Comfortable

Picture of a Nabru Sofa Showing Just How Comfortable It Is

Corner and bed options

Even though the access to your lounge or home is restricted you might have a very big space in your room for your sofa, this is often the case with self assembly sofas that are going into loft spaces or basement and cellar spaces in customers' homes.
The great news here is that our self assembly sofas come in all shapes and sizes and you can order them in sizes from the smallest armchair right up to 10 seat sofas, large corner sofas and even U shaped sofas all you need to do is browse our site and choose the sofa which is perfect for you, we only sell self assembly sofas so you can be sure that they will all fit your home.

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Choice restricted

Another common concern of customers is that as our sofas are self assembly then there choice might be restricted to a very narrow range of options, nothing could be further from the truth with Nabru sofas, we offer a multitude of options including 75+ fabric choices, wood or steel feet, soft or firm seating, piping detail and a huge range of sofa sizes so that you can be sure that you will get a sofa that's tailor made for your home both in terms of size and your own sense of personal style.

Returns policy

We're so confident that you will love your sofa from Nabru that we offer a free returns policy, if for whatever reason you don't like your Nabru sofa within 2 weeks of receiving it you can send it back for free!

Author: Iain Cowsill

Iain is the Managing Director at Nabru. If you have a sofa question, email Iain at and he'll be happy to help!