Do you have a space in your home that you’d like to fill with a nice comfy sofa but are unable to because of access issues? Perhaps you are making do with a small sofa when you’d really like a big comfy sofa or corner sofa to lounge upon? If this situation resonates with you then we have the perfect solution for you. Our range of flat pack sofas are guaranteed to fit whatever the access restrictions in your home. You just carry the sofa into your room of choice in pieces and assemble it in situ. The following sections of this guide deal with the common questions that we receive from our customers when they are planning their flat pack sofa purchase.

How Many Parts

The first question on everybody’s lips is how many parts does our flat pack sofa come in, this is closely followed by what’s the biggest part but more on that below.

The answer, as with so many things in life is it depends, and what it depends upon here is the size of the flat pack sofa that you want to order, so if we take the example of a small 2 seat sofa there will be 2 arms, 2 seats, 2 backs, 6 frame parts and 6 cushions plus the arm and fascia covers giving a total of about 20 parts, now this might all seem like rather a lot of parts but it means that they are all small and manageable parts that are easy to fit into your home whatever the access restrictions and our sofas really are very easy to assemble.

Now, clearly if you decide to purchase a big corner sofa there will be quite a few more parts but as the system is all modular and the process for assembly is repeatable it just means that you are doing more of the same thing when it comes to assembling your sofa.

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Biggest Part

The size of the biggest part depends a bit upon what you are ordering. If you order a flat pack sofa the biggest part is always one of the arms on the sofa, however if you order a flat pack sofa bed the biggest part is the sofa bed mechanism and not an arm.

When you order a flat pack corner sofa or sofa bed the size of the parts doesn’t really increase just the number of the parts which means that it’s always easy to get one of our sofas into difficult to access spaces, in fact, our rule of thumb is that if you can get a person into the space you’ll be able to get one of our flat pack sofas into the space.

Not surprisingly, as we’ve been trading 15 years, we’ve tested our ability to get our sofas into difficult to access spaces on many occasions and have managed to fit them into just about every difficult to access space that you can imagine including loft hatches, boats, cellars, spiral staircases and caravans.

Top Tip

Our rule of thumb is that if you can get into the room then one of our sofas will fit into the room.

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Difficulty of Assembly

Just how difficult is it to assemble one of your flat pack sofas is a question that we’re often asked, well we think it’s really very easy, but we would wouldn’t we? Well you don’t have to just take our word for it, you can take the word of our previous customers by checking out our reviews on TrustPilot and you can look at the self assembly section of our website which includes a YouTube video and step by step instructions about what’s involved in assembling one of our sofas.

Rather amazingly we managed to assemble a whole sofa from scratch in 3 mins. Now we’re not expecting you to be able to do that as we had a team of experienced assemblers doing the work for the video. We typically expect that it will take one of our customers between half an hour and one hour to assemble a simple 2 seater sofa. You can do it so quickly as there are no tools, screws or bolts required, you just slot the parts together to make one of our sofas.

Of course flat pack sofa assembly isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and that’s why we offer a sofa delivery and assembly service for a small fee. More on that next.

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Assembly Service

For a small premium, either £50 or £70 depending on the post code Nabru offer a delivery and assembly service throughout most of the South East. The area indicated in blue in the map below. If you want to find out exactly how much the delivery and assembly service will cost you just use the handy post code checker on our website.

When you take up this service our friendly delivery driver will carry the parts into the room of your choice and assemble the sofa for you, they will also take away any packaging.

Not surprisingly, as we’ve been trading 15 years, we’ve tested our ability to get our sofas into difficult to access spaces on many occasions and have managed to fit them into just about every difficult to access space that you can imagine including loft hatches, boats, cellars, spiral staircases and caravans.

Delivery map
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How Strong

Some prospective customers are concerned that a flat pack sofa might not be as strong as a traditional sofa but you needn’t worry as our sofas are just as strong, if not stronger than traditional sofas that’s because our slot together frames are over engineered to ensure that the sofa is incredibly strong.

We’ve been making and selling our sofas for 15 years now and have done a lot of testing on them over that period to make sure they really are very strong, for more information have a look at the assembly materials section of our website and we’ve included a video that we made below that demonstrates just how strong our sofas are.

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Guaranteed to Fit

Nabru flat pack sofas are always guaranteed to fit into your home whatever the access issues, that’s because all of our sofas are delivered as a kit of parts that you carry into your home and assemble in situ. Now with our sofas it’s not like they are delivered in two or three parts but rather quite a few which means that each of the parts is relatively small which in turn means that you can get them into almost any difficult to access space, even ones as hard as a loft hatch or a boat hatch.

We are so confident that one of our sofas will fit into your home that we offer a guarantee whereby we’ll take your sofa back for free if it doesn’t fit in, of course getting it in is a bit different from having enough space for the sofa when you get it into the room and in that respect we’d recommend our helpful how to measure your home for a new sofa buying guide.

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Size Restrictions

With a Nabru flat pack sofa there really are no restrictions on how big your sofa can be just whether or not you can fit it into your room. That’s because you can join one or more sofas together with armless ends to make a sofa as big as you want for your room, your imagination and the size of your room or wallet really are the only limiting factors!

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Optional Extras

There are a large number of optional extras that are available with a Nabru sofa, these allow you to customise your sofa so that it is unique to you and your home, to mention but a few you can choose from two tone fabric combinations, piping detail, wood or steel feet and over 80 different fabric selections and they are all available for next working day delivery.

You can also choose to design your own sofa in terms of size so that your sofa really is tailor made to your home both in terms of size and style by using our design your own sofa tool.

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Fabric Choices

We know that the right choice of fabric is very important for a lot of customers when they are choosing their sofa, you need to think about the tone, the texture and how durable the fabric will be. Of course your family circumstances will play a large part in these choices as if you have young children you will no doubt be looking for a more durable fabric and colour choice.

At Nabru we’ve got you covered when it comes to choosing a fabric selection as we offer over 80 different fabric choices in a wide range of colours, tones and textures, for our full range of fabrics and information on them please look at the fabric samples section of our website.

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How Your Sofa is Delivered

Your flat pack sofa from Nabru will be delivered as a kit of parts that can be carried into your home and assembled in situ. The exact delivery mechanism will depend for the level of service that you opt for and your post code. For example in most of the South East we deliver the sofas ourselves so one of our friendly drivers will carry the parts to your home and if you’ve paid for the assembly service take them into your house and assemble the sofa too.

Outside of the South East we put all of the parts for your sofa on a pallet and shrink the sofa onto the pallet and this is delivered to your door or alternatively into your room of choice if you opt for this service. For more information on how your sofa is delivered and the delivery process see the delivery section of our website.

Top Tip

Only one man or lady is needed for the delivery and assembly of one of our sofas, that’s because the parts are all small enough and light enough for one person to manage on their own.

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Easy to Maintain

One of the many beauties of Nabru’s range of flat pack sofas is that they really are very easy to

maintain which is no doubt down to the fact that they are flat pack sofas. If any of the parts of your sofa become damaged or soiled you can easily restore your sofa to its former glory by ordering a replacement part or cover from the range of spare parts on our website.

Additionally, if you tire of the colour or look of your sofa at any time in the future you can easily replace all of the covers on your sofa or add a few extra seats to give it a completely different look and feel.


The spare parts section allows you to purchase replacement parts for any of our products or to transform your existing Nabru sofa into a sofa bed, corner sofa or U shape sofa.
If you are not sure which parts to order please call or email with details of your original order and what you would like to do and we can send you a free custom quote that details the parts you need along with a link that will add them to your basket if you decide to purchase. Begin by selecting your category of product.
Top Tip

If you need help with ordering the right spare parts or extra covers for your sofa we are more than happy to help, call us on or email us at

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