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Choosing a sofa that fits through your door


How exciting is buying a new sofa? It will most likely be the centrepiece of your living room. You know it can change the whole aesthetic of your interior, so upgrading your old one is a pretty big deal. By the time you purchase it, you’ll usually have spent hours poring over pictures online and in catalogues, days traipsing around furniture stores to see what’s on offer. The one thing many people forget is how to get a sofa that fits through your door!

So imagine how awful it would be to find that on the day your gorgeous new sofa arrived, you just couldn’t fit it through the door. It’s an all too common issue, especially with the increasing popularity of large, well-stuffed styles. Some purchasers end up having to remove their doors, some end up having to remove the whole case. Others resort to trying to manoeuvre their new piece of furniture through the window.

But how can you avoid the problem altogether? Here at Nabru, we have some top tips to help you.

Measure your door frames before you make your purchasemeasuring a door for sofa

Although it’s inconvenient to be limited in terms of your sofa size, the simplest way to avoid the issue of your purchase getting stuck in your doorway is to grab a tape measure and see how much space you have before you buy. Almost all sofas will have their measurements displayed, either online or in store when you go to look at them. Assuming that you know how much room you have to work with, you can buy intelligently to circumnavigate the issue.

Measure your window frames

In some homes, windows will provide greater room for manoeuvre than doorways, so it’s also worth measuring these to see which option offers you the greatest degree of flexibility. It’s certainly possible that a sofa which might not fit through one could feasibly fit through the other. Make sure you have both sets of measurements to hand when you go shopping.

Buy flat pack

Should you wish to eliminate the issue entirely, we have one more solution for you. Choose a new sofa that will arrive in flat pack form. At Nabru we have self-assembly sofas, and all of our pieces are sold this way in order to accommodate the needs of our clients as fully as possible. Easy to assemble, no bolts or screws are needed to put together our products. If you want to be able to purchase even the largest and most well-stuffed sofa, we’re a company that can help.

self assembly sofa flatpack

Follow our three top tips today to make buying your next sofa as simple and straightforward as possible.