Sofa Seating For Smaller Spaces – Our Top Tips

small room

Adopting space-saving techniques is a common feature of an everyday home, whether it is in one room or across the entire house. There are more and more innovative ways in which design solutions can open up opportunities and allow you to utilise your space, add extra features or even add an extra room. And the sofa is one key way in which you can get the full potential out of the space you have available.

There are plenty of general tips about utilising space, such as multi-functional furniture, shelving dead space and even using soft, pastel shades to make rooms spacious but warm and inviting. With sofas it is a little more challenging, as by their very nature, a sofa is a big item of furniture and often a major feature in a room. But with Nabru sofas there are so many options that you can almost adopt a bespoke approach as we are confident you will find the perfect sofa solution to suit your space.

small room

How to create space with a sofa

Depending on the layout of your room and any entry and exit doors, you can create space by locating the sofa against a wall. Or you might find it more practical to create a thoroughfare behind the sofa and move it into the middle of the room? It is also possible that an awkward alcove space could be filled by a corner sofa, which means you don’t need a separate armchair elsewhere in the room.

A very common solution for saving space is not to have one big sofa but to have a two-seater sofa and two individual armchairs. These can be moved around to suit the space, while still maintaining a theme in terms of colour and style. If you don’t have room for armchairs, you can still go for the smaller sofa but use stools for seating, which could also incorporate some storage in their design.

The idea of multi-functional furniture is central to some of the clever designs we see today, and certainly sofabeds come in to this category. Forget what you might have heard about the use of sofabeds as a permanent sofa or a permanent bed; quality is much improved and using a sofabed in a small living room or anywhere in the house is the perfect space-saving solution that potentially opens up the house to all sorts of possibilities.

So many sofa options

In terms of versatility, the Nabru range really offers every option and configuration you could think of, and there should be no excuse for not finding the right type of sofa or armchair to fit your space. And there will be no shoehorning the sofa round the corner or having to wedge it in an alcove, because there is so much choice you can’t fail to get it right, and of course our sofas are self-assembly and guaranteed to fit in your room.

Armless sofas are a great solution when trying to save space, as those vital inches off the arm might just be all you need. This can be designed to suit your home with the arm removed from either side of the sofa as applicable. Limited space doesn’t mean you can’t be luxurious and indulgent either; we have two-seater chaise sofas and even armchairs with a chaise option.

As long as your sofa is positioned to allow maximum natural light into the home, there is no reason why you can’t explore the options and find the right sofa for you and make the most of your limited space. Start shopping our small sofa range now!


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