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Sofa design ideas from around the world


Are you looking for sofa design ideas for your living room? Take your time choosing the colour scheme, design and layout. Afterall the living room is the heart of any home, the perfect place to sit back in solitude at the end of the day with a glass of wine in hand. Or perfect to gather with your friends whilst you entertain.

Its centrepiece is always the same: the sofa. Large enough and central enough to command attention from the second that guests step into the room. It must not only be impeccable in keeping with your overall theme but an absolute show-stopper. If yours is in need of an update, and you require some inspiration to help you choose, here are some sofa design ideas from around the world to get your juices flowing.


french style holl sofa

A French aesthetic is effortlessly chic and unerringly sophisticated, and this applies to décor as much as dress sense. In order to emulate it, focus on a few keywords: decadence, opulence, and luxury. Antiquated originals are always a wonderful addition, and no true French parlour is complete without a chaise longue. However, if traipsing around in search of vintage treasures is not your idea of heaven, there are also plenty of modern takes on the original to help you out. Choose gilt to add a bold glamour to your home, or else settle for white-painted wood for something a little more conservative.


japanese style tor sofa

If old-world elegance is not your preferred visual, then you might want to look to Japanese décor for something more modern. The main aim is to create a look that’s clutter-free, with plenty of space to open up your mind, so light colours are perfect. Most furnishings in this style will be low to the ground and well-cushioned. This will help keep the effect informal and entirely zen.


scandinavian style alda sofa

IKEA and its unapologetically Scandinavian aesthetic can be found in living rooms across the UK, and if you want to conform, it’s incredibly easy to recreate. Blending absolute efficiency with an inviting warmth and cosiness, styles are simple yet chic. With deep sofa cushions to sink back into and cosy throws over every chair and sofa arm. Storage space is invaluable as long as it doesn’t compromise on the comfort level. All Nabru sofas come with the option to include storage trays. These sit underneath each cushion and access is gained by lifting up the seat.

Update your aesthetic today with Nabru: replace your sofa to completely recreate the look of your living room.