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Our Predictions For 2019 Home Interior Trends


Keeping up with the latest interior design trends can be tiring and confusing. We all like to think we are an on-trend design influencer, but the reality is we only think about redecorating every five years or so, and by the time we get round to it, the ‘latest fashion’ is last year’s thing.

interior design trends

But there are plenty of little projects you can undertake in the home that keep you ahead of the game. So at Nabru we have been browsing the glossies and searching for the top tips from the people really in the know, so you can get a head start with the hot design trends expected in 2019.

Matt Black

Yep, the matt black is back. This could be walls, doors, lamps or picture frames, but dark colours are going to work again, particularly in light rooms where you get a nice balance. Dark kitchens are looking particularly popular again, with matt black units against white walls really catching on, and dark navy blue is another colour that is replacing grey as the on-trend shade.


This 70s classic is making a triumphant comeback to embellish curtains, cushions, mirrors and lampshades with an array of new tassel designs. It may become a bit over-friendly with the vacuum cleaner and the dog will have a field day, but never fear, ramp up the fringe factor and dive into 2019.

Spiced Honey and Sage Green

Colour influencers Dulux and Pantone have released their respective colours for 2019, and the consensus is we are going for more earthy tones, which are definitely not beige! We’re looking at warm, autumnal shades here that create a cosy and inviting feel, with spiced honey taking on a caramel-y hue that would look great on a sofa and really make us want to dive in.

Statement ceilings

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen enough ironic, patterned wallpaper to last us a lifetime, but not on a ceiling. Plain walls and a vibrant, jazzy ceiling? Yeah, why not? We spend as much time staring at the ceiling as we do the walls, or at least we will now, so maybe it’s about time they got a piece of the action? Ceilings have been out in the cold since we rather rudely smothered them in Artex in the 1970s, so a little attention is long overdue. Mould it, lacquer it, paper it or just expressively paint it, pretty soon we’ll all have neck ache, but it will be well worth the effort.


It’s sumptuous and seductive and something that comes and goes fashion-wise. But this year has seen the search for velvet go off the scale. Use it on sofas, cushions, curtains or bedspreads, velvet is the timeless classic that is back en vogue.


Industrial chic has had us following straight lines and the laws of geometry for some time now, so curves are making a welcome return. Another rather 70s passion was the curves found on coffee tables, sofas, armchairs and mirrors, and the inevitable comeback is on, with people introducing softer and more welcoming shapes back into the home to produce a relaxing and homely feel.

Multi-tasking mirrors

Don’t laugh, it makes absolutely perfect sense, given that little devices the size of, erm, an Apple, can pretty much control our daily lives now. Mirrors with integral, touch-screen lights have been a big thing for a while, but expect mirrors to be able to sync to our devices and become entertainment centres, health trackers and to greet us in the morning with reminders of what’s in our diaries for the day as we brush our teeth.


Author: Iain Cowsill

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