My Sofa Is Too Big To Fit Through The Door – Now What?

Can't get your sofa upstairs?

“Will it fit through the door though?” My partner asked, as we pondered our purchase in the sofa store.

“Of course it will” I sheepishly responded, while cursing the fact I had neglected to measure the front door, our hallway and the angle available to swing the sofa round the corner into the back dining room.

I took a rough, layman’s estimation of the size of the sofa compared to our space restrictions at home, and using the gut instincts that had, mostly, served us well in the past, we bought the sofa.

How we laughed, when two weeks later our brand new sofa was delivered and it wouldn’t fit. My partner’s face was a picture as I fended off various items thrown at me with extreme force. But now at least we have a Grand Designs project of our own, as we seek to make use of the expensive sofa that I am determined won’t become a comfortable but not ideally located white elephant.

moving sofa

Solutions if your sofa is too big to fit

Faced with leaving the sofa outside, we first considered making use of the great summer we’ve been having and simply using it there. Given I had recently exerted considerable energy trying to get the sofa inside, this struck me as the most appealing solution. But of course, the summer doesn’t last forever.

Then we thought, well, if the mountain won’t come to Mohammad………and I hastily drew up plans to build an extension around the sofa, as it lay forlornly outside on the front path. That way we could enjoy the sofa indoors and add value to our home. Unfortunately, planning permission and fundamental financial logic put paid to those plans.

So our third and final solution was to chop the sofa in half. This would solve two issues; firstly it would make the sofa fit in the room we intended it to, and secondly it would provide another sofa for another room. Two for the price of one. Sadly, I did agree with my partner that these benefits would be somewhat short-lived…

We often hear stories like this, where people have tried to fit their sofa in their new home and haven’t been able to succeed. That’s why we’re different.

We guarantee that your sofa will fit

The famous Nabru ‘guaranteed to fit’ policy is exactly that. It has never happened, but if a Nabru sofa doesn’t fit, you are guaranteed a full refund. This is based on the fact that you self-assemble the sofa in the room you intend to use it. And the biggest parts to the un-assembled sofa have fitted through loft hatches, down cellar steps, up spiral staircases and even onto boats.

nabru blue sofa

Nabru have successfully delivered their self-assembly sofas to every conceivable location, without the need for tools, bolts or screws and without needing to gouge a section out of your wall plaster or skirting board.

What do you do if your sofa won’t fit through the door? You buy one from Nabru instead. In fact, if you buy one from Nabru in the first place you’ll avoid any stress over whether it will fit or not, avoid breaking your back attempting to make it do so, and avoid relationship breakdowns. Stick to Nabru for all the best sofas that are guaranteed to fit!

So whether you have an armchair, a two-seater sofa, a four-seater chaise sofa or a 5 x 3 corner sofa, it will fit in your home. Furthermore, you can have a sofa tailor-made to your requirements, so there is absolutely no excuse for a sofa not fitting; for delivery, for assembly and for locating it exactly where you want it.

Author: iain cowsill

Hi! I'm Iain, owner of Nabru self assembly sofas. Established over 15 years ago, Nabru is the UK's leading name in quality self assembly sofas, sofa beds and corner sofas. Our sofas are guaranteed to fit through your door! Shop our range of sofas at today.

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