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Modern and Contemporary Design Tips


So you have a super-trendy modern apartment or town house and you’re wondering how to style it. You’re not alone! More and more Brits are opting for modern properties that require less remodelling and come jam-packed with contemporary design features already such as bi-fold doors, anthracite windows (yes, these are still very ‘in’) and a clever use of space throughout.

But with that modern property, how do you fill the room with the right furniture? Your old well-loved sofa might have come with you on this house move too but is it really going to fit with your modern property? Perhaps it’s time to refresh some of the items you own? Here are our tips:

Old Sofa Out, New Sofa In!

The sofa you choose for a modern property is an important consideration. The average modern house or apartment isn’t like a 1930s property where the rooms are large and you have high ceilings. With modern builds, there’s generally a better use of space with all mod-cons but this can mean rooms tend to be smaller and that requires a considered approach when deciding how to furnish and decorate them.

Here at Nabru, we make sofas that are guaranteed to fit your space – they are really easy to assemble and they will suit any modern property layout. You can choose from two seater sofas, large corner sofas and much more. You can even design your own sofa to suit your modern interior here.


This Danish term refers to the acknowledgement of a feeling or moment that feels cosy, charming or special. It’s an on-trend choice for property owners to make their rooms feel homely. Greys, linens, chunky knits and rustic accents can all adopt the Hygge philosophy. For many, it’s simply a case of minimalism with warm and inviting key pieces, such as an armchair.



We love a good cushion! It can transform a piece of furniture and modern properties can use patterned, bold cushion prints to make a statement in a clean, contemporary styled room. Textured cushions are a great modern accessory trend and can act as a real focal point.

Grey Paint

This may seem like a trend that was popular a few years ago but we think grey is still very much a modern property staple. It can be used as a great base to add a pop of colour through furniture and accessories and it will never, ever date. In large airy contemporary spaces it will make the area feel brighter and lighter whilst offering up a less clinical alternative to pale white walls. A subtle grey, such as Farrow and Ball’s Cornforth White is a great option.

grey walls

If you have a modern property there are many ways you can style it – experiment with ultra-sleek clean lines and simple ideas to make the most of the space.

Author: Iain Cowsill

Hi! I'm Iain, owner of Nabru self assembly sofas. Established over 15 years ago, Nabru is the UK's leading name in quality self assembly sofas, sofa beds and corner sofas. Our sofas are guaranteed to fit through your door! Shop our range of sofas at www.nabru.co.uk today.